Guest Certificate

What is a Guest Certificate?

Guest Certificates allow owners to send a friend or family member on vacation and to lodge at their timeshare unit. The Guest Certificate documentation is provided by the exchange company and is usually affiliated with a resort. Guest Certificates are just another way that timeshares are more flexible than other vacation accommodation options. With deeded timeshares, your usage time each year can be given as a gift or rented to others to cover your maintenance fees, for example.

There are a few different Guest Certificate programs and options. For vacationers who would like to gift their timeshare week to a friend or relative, but would still like to keep their deposited week or accrued points, Resort Condominiums International (RCI) offers an "Extra Vacations" program. RCI's website details the following information about this Guest Certificate program:

  • Your guests will enjoy the same great accommodations as a regular timeshare vacation, but you can still keep your vacation time.
  • If your guest can travel quickly, "Last Calls" vacations provide a full week at a resort for as little as $199 USD. Again, you don't have to use your deposited week or RCI Points.

For owners who won't be able to use their week for whatever reason, members can gift their actual week or number of points to a guest along with a Guest Certificate, legitimizing the transfer.

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