Instant Exchange

What is an Instant Exchange?

Instant Exchange refers to a program offered by Resort Condominiums International (RCI), the world's largest exchange company, that allows owners to exchange their timeshare week on short notice. The program is also often referred to as "RCI Last Call." Typically, to meet the criteria for Instant Exchange, owners must be members of the RCI Points program, and the notice of exchange must be given within 2 and 45 days.

Instant Exchanges allow owners to take week long vacations for 9000 points or less. Because these last-minute exchanges benefit RCI as much as they benefit owners, Instant Exchanges also circumvent the size and season requirements involved in the standard exchange process. This allows members of a particular resort to enjoy larger, more luxurious accommodations for the same or fewer points than may otherwise be possible.

An added bonus of the Instant Exchange program is that owners will pay just their regular annual maintenance fees, but have the opportunity to get multiple weeks of use per year. For example, if you own 90,000 RCI Points and took all your vacations using RCI Instant Exchange, you could take 10 weeks of vacation on one annual maintenance fee associated with your ownership.

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