Right To Use (RTU)

What Does Right To Use Mean?

Right To Use timeshares are generally offered in localities where deeded ownership of vacation properties is not permitted, though RTU timeshare arrangements may also reflect an individual resort's preferences. Right To Use agreements are generally good for a period of twenty to ninety-nine years. With RTU arrangements, the management company or the resort developer retains actual deeded ownership of the physical property itself. However, during the lessor's Right-to-Use period, he or she may transfer, rent or otherwise bequeath the remaining years of their Lease.

While Right To Use properties don't allow for true ownership of a timeshare, these arrangements do tend to be more flexible than deeded timeshares because they assign a particular number of usage units, rather than annual or biennial usage. Owners of Right to Use properties can choose an Accelerated program and could, for example, vacation for three weeks one year, and then not again for three years. Right To Use arrangements are especially popular in Mexico and Hawaii.

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