What Are Timeshare Seasons?

Timeshare seasons are sections of time during the year that are separated and defined by high demand, average demand, and low demand. Those looking to own a timeshare will want to consider what season/time of year they want to vacation in, depending on their resort of choice and general vacation goals.

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Timeshare Seasons Explained

When you go to book a vacation at an area hotel, you may notice that room rates change depending on the time of year, and that prices will rise during high-demand seasons. Timeshare ownership has a similar, most definitive system for owners.

The timeshare calendar is a guide that is specific to various resorts and brands as a way for owners to purchase and reserve the timeshare weeks that work best for their vacation.

Timeshare seasons are set to differentiate between high demand and low demand, and vary based on what those seasons are considered to be based on the individual resort. Some resorts are high traffic year-round, meaning every week you purchase will be a high-demand week. For example, a timeshare resort in Aruba or Florida is going to be popular to visit year round, making every week high demand.

Timeshare Season Colors

Red Season Timeshare

Timeshare seasons can be divided by actual seasons (Winter, Spring/Fall, Summer), but more often than not, timeshare seasons are assigned colors.

While there are some variances between brands and exchange companies, a red season timeshare is typically the most desirable time frame to own in. When you have a timeshare in this high-demand season, it makes it easy to exchange for whatever kind of vacation you are looking for due to it's high trading power.

Owning in a resort's red season also means you can vacation there during its "prime time." This includes the winter months at a Colorado ski resorts, or the warm golf season of a Myrtle Beach property.

Red Week Timeshare

Like owning a red season timeshare, a red week timeshare is a premium week ownership. If you own a red week timeshare, you are able to exchange for top weeks at various resorts such as holiday weeks and school vacations.

Other Timeshare Season Colors

While red is primarily the top season/week for ownership, there are other colors used to define the average and low demand seasons. External exchange company, RCI uses white to depict the average season of demand, and blue as the low season of demand. Interval International uses yellow for average and green for low. Both companies use red to describe the highest season of demand.

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