Handicap Accessible Timeshares

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Timeshare Vacations for Disabled Travelers

Disabled vacation suites are plentiful in the US, but when it comes to true comfort and convenience, it's essential to ensure that the entire lodging complex — rather than just your room — is handicap friendly. For handicapped travelers, timeshare resorts are a fantastic alternative to staying in hotels because many offer a range of handicap friendly vacation amenities and services that surpass the standard required features.

Handicapped accessible vacation timeshares are simply more spacious than standard hotel suites, making the time you spend inside infinitely more enjoyable. In addition, timeshare suites almost always include a separate living area and complete kitchens, making it easy for those with special dietary concerns to accommodate their needs.

Many timeshare resorts that offer handicapped vacation suites also often offer accessible grounds, as well as on-site transportation for physically impaired guests. Disney Vacation Club (DVC), for instance, is well known for its diverse services and as one of the best providers of vacations for the handicapped. DVC also offers on-site wheelchair rentals, handicap friendly vacation activities, water wheelchairs so disabled guests can use the swimming pools, and complimentary transportation to the Disney theme parks.

United States Wheelchair Accessible Resorts
International Wheelchair Accessible Resorts

A Note Regarding Handicapped Accessible Vacation Timeshares: While it's mandatory for all resorts in the United States to have at least one wheelchair accessible unit, there is no uniform law stating that international resorts must do the same. Moreover, certain resorts within the United States are better equipped than others to provide enjoyable vacations for disabled travelers. It's important to do your research before booking a rental or purchasing a timeshare at any resort, in order to make sure that all your needs are met by the wheelchair accessible resort you choose. It is also always important to contact your timeshare resort to ensure that all relevant information is accurate and up-to-date.

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