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Blue Bay Village

Watamu Beach, Watamu, Outside US

Blue Bay Village sits on one of the world's best beaches- Watamu, in Watamu, Kenya! This resort offers guests an ideal home base, convenient to exciting activities such as diving and safaris! The resort is all-inclusive, and the all-inclusive fee is mandatory. The friendly staff speaks Italian and English, and maid service is offered. For more information, visit

Royal Reserve Safari and Beach Club

Kikambala, Kanamai Conference Beach, Mombasa, Outside US

Mombasa is the second largest town in Kenya, built on an island connected to the mainland by a causeway. It acts as the official gateway to the country by sea. The history of Mombasa dates more than 2,000 years, back when it used to be the center of trade communication between East Africa, Middle East and Far East countries. A dominating figure as you enter the old Mombasa harbor is the Fort Jesus, built by the Portuguese to signify their reign on the East African Coast. Today, it houses a museum which displays ancient artifacts of the coastal life. A modern port, Kilindini Harbor, is now for container and cruise ships. A significant landmark in Mombasa is the "Mombasa tusks" over the busy Moi Avenue, built in 1952 to mark the visit of Queen Elizabeth. Another common sight are the Swahili women dressed in bui-bui - a long black robe. It is a cosmopolitan town that boasts of a rich wealth of businesses and a tourists centre. Mombasa island is a mix of old and new architecture, with the old town characterized by narrow streets and passages. Most buildings have curved Arab doors, while others display ornately carved hanging balconies. The main town features modern architecture, and offers excellent shopping facilities and offices which include boutiques, salons, shops, supermarkets, curio shops, jewelry shops, travel agencies, and restaurants. The town also offers entertainment facilities such as night clubs and bars, cinemas and casinos. Transport and communication between Mombasa and other parts of Kenya and even the world is quite modern.