Could 2017 Bring Timeshare in Cuba?
January 5th 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Ever since the United States began to normalize relations with Cuba in late 2015, the travel world began to wonder at the possibilities. For the first time in over 50 years, American travelers could be able to seamlessly book vacations in one of the Caribbean’s most alluring destinations. With the first commercial flight from the United States touching down in Havana late last year, it’s easier than ever to see the potential for timeshare in Cuba. However, timeshare enthusiasts shouldn’t get ahead of themselves—signals point to a long road ahead for Cuba timeshares.

The Current State of Cuba Travel

With flights touching down and the island nation topping lists of best places to visit this year, many are looking to travel to Cuba in 2017. While it is vastly easier to get to and from Cuba (and even bring back some souvenirs), finding a hotel can be challenging. Although the government there alleges they will double the number of hotel rooms there by 2020, the country’s current industry is scant to say the least—International Business Times reports that many of the country’s 61,000 hotel rooms are in dire need of repair. That includes the Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Havana, the only property managed by a major American-based brand (Starwood).

However, tourists from other countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and other European nations, have been enjoying trips to Cuba for decades. Popular beach destinations like Varadero have given rise to sprawling properties, mostly from brands like Iberostar and Sol Melia. It would seem like timeshare ownership at many of these resorts would be the next logical leap forward, but a few roadblocks seem to suggest otherwise.

What’s Preventing Timeshare in Cuba?

Cuba is still considered a third-world nation, and the centrally-controlled government there keeps the economy in strict check. Since many timeshares are considered deeded real estate interests, the notion of owning property in Cuba, especially for American citizens, is still very far-fetched. For reference, you still can’t use credit cards in Cuba—business there is very cash-dependent, providing a great hurdle for timeshare ownership.

But that still doesn’t spell certain doom for those seeking an immersive and rewarding Cuba travel experience. The 21st century travel industry is still forging its way in a newly-open Cuba, with bed-and-breakfasts becoming increasingly popular. PBS reports that Americans from all 50 states have stayed at B&B’s in Cuba over the past year and a half, and have utilized American-based websites to do so.

Stay Abreast with Cuba Timeshare Updates

Although a long road ahead for timeshare in Cuba seems imminent, the blog will continue to monitor developments and report on any new properties seeking timeshare ownership opportunities. Subscribe for email updates today to get all the best timeshare news delivered straight to your inbox!


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