2018 Timeshare Maintenance Fees: Hilton Grand Vacations Club
February 15th 2018 Posted by: smtnwordpress Category: For Owners

One of the many essentials to vacation ownership is paying timeshare maintenance fees. These annual dues are billed to owners each year, and often carry a different price tag depending on brand. In December, we wrote about Marriott Vacation Club fees and what owners could expect from that brand—this year, we turn our lens to another popular timeshare brand whose fees impact a great deal of owners—Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

Since Hilton Grand Vacations Club operates mostly on points, fees are charged on a per point basis. This makes the timeshare maintenance fees for the brand vary significantly based on how many points each individual owner possesses. Because of this, it’s difficult to calculate general increases or decreases across HGVC resorts.

However, Hilton Grand Vacations Club owners can generally expect an increase in timeshare maintenance fees of anywhere from 2% to 4%. In some scenarios, owners could find their yearly fees rising by as much as 7%, or possibly even decreasing or seeing no change at all.

Analysis of HGVC Fees

Slight increases in annual dues are common no matter which brand you happen to own your timeshare within. In the case of Hilton Grand Vacations Club, these changes manifest themselves in increases of mere pennies per point. With all things considered, Hilton owners can take solace in the fact that their fees have seen generally reasonable increases that are par for the course for the timeshare industry.

However, we were able to discern some of the Hilton timeshare resorts with the highest maintenance fee increases in 2018:

Find Solutions for Your Unwanted Hilton Timeshare

If you don’t use your Hilton timeshare as much as you used to, it may not make financial sense for you to keep paying rising costs, regardless of how much they rise. If you’ve been thinking of moving on from your timeshare ownership, find out the value of your Hilton timeshare or learn more about selling it on the resale market today!


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