6 Reasons Why Self Drive Vacations are Worth It
July 26th 2018 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Buyers

The Benefits of Self Drive Vacations

For those who are sick of airports or are just looking for another way to travel, SellMyTimeshareNow suggests looking for timeshare resales or rentals within driving distance of your home. If you’ve considered this road trip vacation option before but just aren’t sure, here are a few reasons we can think of that will make you want to take the drive year after year:

1. Save on airfare expenses

Though many airlines are working to make fares more affordable, peak seasons, busy travel days, and other factors can spike your ticket prices. This doesn’t take into consideration paying for parking or a car service, food, in-flight purchases, or other necessities along the way. Fortunately, resorts within driving distance are a great alternative. Aside from buying gas, you can save even more by packing your own snacks and lunches, providing your own entertainment, and more.

2. Worry less about delays outside of your control

Nothing is more frustrating than getting all the way to your gate to find out that your flight has been delayed for hours because of weather, plane maintenance, or other typical issues found in airports. Self driving travel allows you to take command of your schedule. Plan around usual traffic patterns on your route, stop to take breaks whenever necessary, and rest easy knowing you don’t have to wonder if you’ll make it to your resort.

3. Bring exactly what you need for your vacation

Self drive vacations are customizable and rarely make travelers feel restricted. Pack the stroller, car seats, multiple bags, a cooler, and even your furry friends to pet-friendly resorts without ever having to worry about travel limitations or additional fees. This could be a preferred option for many larger families.

4. Have your own transportation outside of the resort

It can be overwhelming and even frustrating to rely on other modes of transportation, especially if that transportation is limited in your particular destination. When you drive instead of fly, you are able to utilize your car throughout your trip. Take days to visit other places further than you would otherwise venture, to go to the store to stock up on food, and anything in between. You’ll be thankful for the flexibility it can offer.

5. Make the drive a part of the vacation

Instead of worrying about layovers and hanging out in airports for hours on end, you might consider making your road trip a part of the vacation experience! Stop at the scenic lookouts and iconic sites you’d pass by along the way and make the drive a part of your vacation plans. You’ll see areas of the world you might not ever visit again otherwise!

6. Create memories to last a lifetime

Spending quality time together is just an added bonus of your drive-able timeshare and families’ favorite part of their vacation. Remember to take some time to turn the screens off, play fun road games, talk, and catch up with one another. You’ll be surprised just how much fun you can have all from the convenience of a car. These will be some of the memories you cherish the most—trust us!

Want to Learn More About Timeshares Near You?

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