What Is Bleisure Travel?: A Closer Look at The Growing Travel Trend [Infographic]
January 24th 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Understanding Bleisure Travel and Its Benefits

Between 20 and 30 million Americans travel for work around the country and globe every year—that’s around 10% of the population! Among these business travelers, the trend of bleisure travel has emerged and is transforming the way some professionals embrace their work trips.

What is Bleisure Travel?

Bleisure travel is when business travelers combine leisure activities with their scheduled business plans to make the most out of their time in a new city. Nearly 20% of those who travel for business partake in some kind of bleisure activity which often includes exploring the area with sightseeing, dining, and cultural experiences. Instead of traveling for a few short days and just seeing the inside of their hotel room and meeting venue, bleisure travelers will often take additional personal days in order to see what a city has to offer and get to know its local culture.

Who Utilizes Bleisure Travel?

20-25 year-olds are most likely to take advantage of bleisure travel with over half of these business travelers bringing family, friends, and loved ones along for their excursions, even when there’s work to be done. Older travelers will typically mix bleisure activities into their allocated work schedule while younger travelers are more likely to stay longer by adding additional days before, after, or on both ends of their business obligations. International travel is usually more likely to lead to bleisure travel, though there are specific destinations both domestic and abroad that travelers like to explore. Some of the top bleisure destinations include Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, Spain, Turkey, and Portugal.

Advantages of Bleisure Vacations

As if just enjoying a destination past the hotel and boardroom wasn’t enough, bleisure vacations and travel offer business people plenty of benefits including:

  • Encouraging a healthy work-life balance
  • Reducing stress and prevents burnout
  • Making the most out of an otherwise short trip and saves money
  • Exploring cities or countries they might not have considered before

More Details on Bleisure Travel and Its Demographic

Infographic explaining the bleisure travel trend, who uses it, and where these travelers stay


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