Beatrice Farmer Scam
March 2nd 2015 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Owners, Industry News

Recently, timeshare owners with their units on the market have been experiencing a new type of scam. If timeshare owners trying to sell their units receive an offer from “Beatrice Farmer” with the email address [email protected] or [email protected], they should not respond.

The Beatrice Farmer Scam is a type of fake check scam, and works like this:

  1. The “Buyer” gets the Seller (Victim) to agree verbally or in writing to a timeshare sales transaction.
  2. The “Buyer” claims to have a great deal of trust in the Seller’s agreement.
  3. The “Buyer” sends a fake check to the Victim (which is more than the price offered for the timeshare).
  4. The “Buyer” claims that for some reason, they can’t pay their broker (or someone else) and requests that the victim does so on their behalf to expedite the process..
  5. The “Buyer” convinces the Victim to pay the broker fee via wire or other unretrievable method.

Then, according to the FTC, “The check is no good, even though it appears to be a legitimate cashier’s check. …[you (the Victim)] wire the money, your bank would soon learn that the check was a fake. And you’re out the money because the money you wired can’t be retrieved, and you’re responsible for the checks you deposit—even though you don’t know they’re fake.” Timeshare Sellers

Rest assured that none of our timeshare sellers have been exposed to this scam. However, all sellers should be on alert to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Timeshare owners and buyers should never wire money or pay via untraceable methods for any reason. Always go through a trusted company like where licensed timeshare specialists can double check for validity if you are at all concerned about scams such as this one. Contact us today at 1-877-815-4227.

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