Celebrate Saxophone Day with the 5 Best Places For Jazz Music
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As most of our dedicated readers know, we love music. Everything from guitar festivals to highlighting America’s most musical cities. So we thought that we would celebrate Saxophone Day by creating a post with the five best places to go listen to jazz music.

The truth about musicians is that while they exist everywhere, the best and most passionate players bring their dreams to the place where music thrives. In this case, some of the best places to see the best saxophone players are in the cities where jazz has both a rich, lengthy history and a booming contemporary scene. We broke it down and some of the cities we suggest also happen to have some great timeshares nearby!

So if all you music aficionados want to plan a vacation dedicated to pursuing great jazz, here are the best locations in honor of National Saxophone Day this Sunday, November 6th.

1. New York City, NY

Well, we saw this choice coming down 5th Avenue in a cab. New York is, arguably, the first location people think of when someone mentions the word “jazz”. Legends such as Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, and Ornette Coleman had called the Big Apple home, as well as many fantastic New York jazz clubs including Arthur’s Tavern, the 55 Bar, and the Village Vanguard.

If you really want to see a show, plan your Monday evening around a trip to Cafe Carlyle. Woody Allen (yes, THE Woody Allen) has been performing there for over a decade, his instrument of choice being the saxophone’s close cousin the clarinet!

Some of the New York City timeshares in our invetory are also moments away from great New York jazz clubs!

2. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans jazz may be traditionally of the peppy Dixieland variety, but the city has grown into a central hub for all types of music in America. It’s the type of place where if someone asked you “what is the best place for jazz in New Orleans?” you’re bound to get many different answers from many different people.

For those looking to stick around the hustle and bustle of Bourbon Street or the French Quarter, consider Maison Bourbon Jazz Club or Preservation Hall. The former is one of the few places in the immediate area with authentic, traditional Dixieland jazz while the latter is perfect for the kids, as it is one of the only all ages clubs in town! If you’re looking for more of a local hangout and enjoy the atmosphere of “divey” bars, check out the funky live jazz offered Thursdays at Vaughn’s Lounge or the big brass bands featured on Sundays (and Saxophone Day 2017!) at the Candlelight Lounge.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, our inventory features some New Orleans resale properties that are a half step away (not literally, but close!).

3. Detroit, MI

Michigan has always been a great place to vacation, especially for music buffs of all genres. Detroit is home to one of the biggest jazz festivals of the year, but the “rock city” is also renowned for its jazz music as well! Consistently topping most visitors lists of best jazz clubs in is Cliff Bell’s in downtown, with the Raven Lounge & Restaurant a close second and close by in location. If you’re traveling a little outside of the city, be sure to visit the Baker’s Keyboard and Lounge, which is the “world’s oldest jazz club” and live performances six nights a week!

4. Chicago, IL

Few places have as deep and rich of a musical history as Chicago has. The Illinois city is, has been, and very likely will be booming with some of the best local jazz clubs and fantastic saxophone players.

Celebrate the windy city with those who can blow at amazing jazz clubs such as the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, Andy’s Jazz Club, and the oldest jazz club in Chicago the Jazz Showcase. The clubs are close to the water and the downtown area, so you can swing from club to club, celebrating Saxophone Day with some of the best performers in the country! And we have some available inventory in Chicago. Find a place to stay today!

5. Kansas City, MO

Last but most certainly not least, we close out the list with one of the most amazing cities in Missouri: Kansas City. A true staple to the contribution of the genre’s influence in America’s musical history, the Kansas City jazz scene birthed many of today’s legendary saxophone players including Charlie Parker and Lester Young!

But in almost 100 years, the city’s influence and love for jazz hasn’t seen any signs of aging. Clubs like the Green Lady Lounge, the Phoenix, and the Majestic Restaurant all feature some of the best live Kansas City jazz music in town, each with great cocktail menus for that authentic club feel. Even the city’s Negro Leagues Baseball Museum on E. 18th Street offers tickets which include admissions to the neighboring American Jazz Museum, a great historical lesson for jazz and music enthusiasts to learn about one of the world’s greatest instruments on Saxophone Day.

Not seeing a city that’s hitting the right note? Do what the sax players do. Improvise! Browse our extensive inventory of timeshare resales and rentals and turn your vacation into a great musical adventure in honor of saxophone day!


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