Costa Rica Animals: Where to See Them and Where to Stay
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See Costa Rica Animals in the Wild!

Costa Rica has some of the most amazing animals in the world. Whether you like your animal friends furry, feathery, scaly, slimy, or creepy-crawly, you’re bound to be mesmerized by Costa Rica animals.

Animals to See:

Resplendent Quetzal

The resplendent quetzal’s predominantly green and red feathers shine like emeralds and rubies. Its long tail feathers gracefully trail behind it as it flies through the forest canopy in search of figs to munch on. These beautiful birds were revered by ancient Mayans and Aztecs, and today you can find them in cloud forests, forests which rest within banks of clouds due to their climate and high elevation. Find yourself among clouds with the stunning resplendent quetzal.

Costa Rica Animals: Resplendent Quetzal



Technically, this is two animals, not one, but we hope you’ll let it slide. Costa Rica is home to the three-toed sloth (pictured directly below) and the two-toed sloth (pictures at the top of the page). You can visit both at Costa Rica’s aptly named Sloth Sanctuary Costa Rica. These happy-looking herbivores are low on speed but high on intrigue, and at the sanctuary you can go on a canoe trip into a natural sloth habitat, see sloths up close, and even go to a nursery where you’ll meet baby sloths.

Costa Rica Wildlife: Sloth


Emerald Basilisk

The emerald basilisk is an impressive sight even when it stands still, with its bright green scales with touches of robin’s-egg-blue that look hand painted. However, it’s even more impressive in motion. This lizard can run across the surface of a body of water on its hind legs at a speed of five feet per second! One of the locations where you can spot these guys is Tortuguero National Park, although with creatures like these, you might just confuse it for Jurassic Park.

Costa Rica Animals: Emerald Basilisk


Giant Manta Ray

These creatures are trickier to see than the others in this list, since they require advanced scuba diver training, but they are a majestic sight to behold. Giant manta rays can grow to about 25 feet across and they would be fearsome if aggressive. Thankfully, they are quite placid and you can get very close to them as a result. Take a ferry from Guanacaste to the Catalina Islands or Bat Islands between November and May to swim with these gentle giants.


Peleides Blue Morpho Butterfly

Male peleides blue morpho butterflies have stunning iridescent blue wings that shimmer in the sunlight and stand out from the greens and browns of Costa Rican vegetation. These butterflies are very large—up to six inches wide! To see this gorgeous animal, look for it beside rivers in Costa Rica’s jungle, where it will land and spread its wings out to warm up in the sun.


Stay at a Costa Rican Resort

The list above only scratches the surface when it comes to Costa Rica wildlife. You could go to Costa Rica year after year and still find Costa Rica animals you haven’t seen before. If the idea of coming back for years to come excites you, consider purchasing a timeshare at one of the following Costa Rican resorts:

Villas Sol Playa Hermosa

Villas Sol Playa Hermosa is an excellent place to see Costa Rica animals. Guests have reported seeing iguanas, birds, and monkeys in the trees by the beach. Plus, while you stay, enjoy a swim-up bar and themed dinner buffets.

Bahia Turquesa Residences

This resort rests along a fishing village in Playa del Coco in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Bahia Turquesa Residences is a rural paradise where you will have ample opportunity to see Costa Rica animals. In addition to Costa Rica wildlife, enjoy Costa Rica’s domestic animals via a horseback ride.

Four Seasons Residence Club Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo

Four Seasons Residence Club Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo is perfectly arranged to provide you with convenience and serenity. Your villa is located close enough to the main resort facilities to give you ease-of-access, but far enough away that the bustling activity won’t interrupt your villa’s at-one-with-nature atmosphere.

Hotel Fiesta

Stay at Hotel Fiesta and enjoy a beautiful beach setting with exotic volcanic sand. Nearby, discover Costa Rica’s undersea wildlife by scuba diving, or enjoy the ocean by waterskiing or sailing!

Amapola Vacation Club

Amapola Vacation Club has a vast array of onsite amenities that are sure to please. Seek thrills at the casino, detox at the spa, or sip a delicious tropical drink at the cocktail lounge. When you decide to venture out of the resort to see Costa Rica animals, rent from the onsite car rental facility.

Occidental Allegro Papagayo

Occidental Allegro Papagayo is sure to impress anyone looking to spend time outside in the tropics. You can drink and dine poolside and swim to your heart’s delight in the pool or in the temperate blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. There’s also golfing nearby so you can hit that perfect swing amongst palm trees.


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