The Coast Minus the Cost: Fall at the Beach in New England
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Fall at the Beach: An Underrated Vacation Choice

Most of us are used to the beach being a summer destination. After all, you want warm weather if you’re in a swimsuit! But there’s so much more to the beach than sunbathing and swimming. In fact, the beach offers a lot of fun things to do in cold weather too, like picnics, scenic walks, and competitive sports on the sand. We recommend the beach as a fall vacation destination, because beach vacations are way more affordable in the fall. Fall flights, timeshare rentals, and fixed week timeshare resales are cheaper than their summer equivalents.

For this list, we stuck to New England destinations, since they’ll give you lots to enjoy in the fall when you’re off the beach as well. Plus, while New England isn’t the only place where the leaves change color, we believe it has some of the prettiest fall foliage. Here are our recommendations on destinations for a memorable, affordable fall beach vacation in New England:

Newport, Rhode Island

fall at the beach Rhode Island

When most people think of Rhode Island tourism, they probably envision a summer vacation, but Newport is a wonderful fall vacation destination as well. Newport is home to Easton’s Beach, which is also called First Beach by the locals. While the beach has a lot of rules—no frisbees, balls, or alcohol allowed, for example—those rules ensure that the beach will be pristine on your visit. You can even bring your dog with you in October or November for fun on the beach with your furry friend. If you bring little ones, you can take them to Beach Bounce, the bounce house on the beach! When you’re not spending time at the beach, we recommend visiting Newport’s ornate, historic mansions, such as The Breakers, Marble House, The Elms, and Rosecliff, where scenes from The Great Gatsby were shot. While you visit Newport, consider a stay in one of the resorts in our Newport RI inventory. To get an idea of how much you’ll save by going in the fall, look at the difference in prices between the different weeks offered in our Wyndham Newport Onshore resale inventory. You’ll see that an October or November fixed week timeshare can be half to even a quarter of the cost of a fixed week timeshare in May or June!

Westbrook, Connecticut

fall at the beach connecticut

Westbrook is perfect for the traveler looking to experience fall at the beach without any risk of struggling to find a parking spot, because you can stay at Water’s Edge Resort and Spa, which has its own private beach. It also has its own restaurant, bar, entertainment, and spa—so you’ll never have to leave the resort! If you do decide to explore the surrounding area, check out the Connecticut wine trail, Westbrook Outlets, and Ivoryton Playhouse, or go on a ride with Essex Steam Train and Riverboat. You’re also near New Haven so be sure to check out the city’s vibrant art scene. Westbrook is a great location, and we offer Westbrook timeshare resales and rentals at great prices!

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

fall at the beach Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a wonderful coastal town with quaint, uncrowded beaches without fees, even in the summer. In the fall, you might as well call these beaches your own. Forest Beach requires no fee and is full of beautiful rocks and shells. Pleasant Bay is another fee-less favorite, where you’re likely to see horseshoe and hermit crabs. When you’re not on the beach, enjoy delicious treats at Sundae School, which offers both homemade dairy and dairy-free goodies, find eccentric handcrafted decor and souvenirs at Yak Arts, and take a trip to the lovely Sandwich Glass Museum. For a place to stay, check out our timeshare rentals and resales in Brewster, Harwich Port, Provincetown, and more. You may even find some of our fall Cape Cod timeshares at a purchase price under $2,000, but act fast, because we can’t promise they’ll stay in our inventory for long!

Wells, Maine

fall at the beach in Maine

Wells is home to the wonderful Sea Mist Resort of Maine, which is only a short distance from Wells Beach. You can also visit the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Carson Trail, which goes through tidal marshes. There, you may see blue herons, which live in New England even in colder months! Go kayaking or canoeing from the marina at Wells Harbor! When you’re not taking advantage of the beach, check out all of Wells’ delicious restaurants and great shopping. The best part about a fall beach vacation at Sea Mist Resort of Maine, is that we offer excellent deals on resales and rentals! Sometimes, our fall offerings even include timeshares at a purchase price below $2,000, so be sure to check our inventory!

Enjoy Fall at the Beach Annually with One of Our Affordable Timeshares

Can’t get enough of sandy soccer games and Thanksgiving leftovers by the ocean? Does seeing a beach flanked with colorful trees make you feel like you’ve entered a new and better reality? Why not capture that feeling again and again by investing in a timeshare? If you’d rather rent first, explore our inventory of last-minute timeshare rental deals. If you plan a vacation on the fly you can save big, and you can save even bigger in the fall! Learn more by giving us a call at 1-877-815-4227. We’ll help you find the perfect vacation plan for you, whether that means you’ll spend Cape Cod in the Fall, enjoy Rhode Island tourism, or another exciting opportunity!


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