Florida Travel Destinations: Orlando vs. Miami [Infographic]
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Miami or Orlando…Where Will You Vacation?

Nothing says “vacation” quite like a trip to sunny Florida. The perpetually gorgeous weather, incomparable beaches, and thriving culture make “The Sunshine State” a real hot ticket for travelers all over the world at any season of the year! Not to mention, a number of different Florida towns consistently rank on travel lists as some of the best in the country. But with so many great Florida travel destinations at your disposal, you have to ask yourself—which one is right for you?

For this blog post, we’ve decided to compare two cities with the strongest tourism industry in the state: Orlando and Miami. Both offer their own fun and unique vacation experience, but by comparing Miami vs. Orlando, you can determine which is best suited for what you want.

Orlando vs. Miami

Florida vacations have different purposes depending on where you go; Orlando travel is different from Miami travel, which is different from Daytona travel and so on.

While Orlando may sport more of a family-friendly vibe because of the large number of amusement parks, zoos, and aquariums, Miami has some fantastic beaches and fishing opportunities for those younger travelers who like to spend their time out on the water. Similarly enough, Miami’s restaurant scene may be renowned for its dishes, but Orlando also features some great dining options which could offer a unique culture plate by plate at places like the Epcot Center.

To help travelers decide where to take their Florida vacation this year, we’ve created this destination matchup featuring both Florida travel destinations. See how they compare in the battle of Orlando vs. Miami.

orlando vs miami

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