Hawaiian Style: Your Guide to Island Hopping the Aloha State
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Hawaii is the perfect place for people looking for ambitious traveling. The smaller islands are close enough together to where you could travel in less than an hour by plane or take it day-by-day with a cruise. Each island has its own personality and offers something unique to the cultural makeup of the Aloha state. When you’re deciding between places to stay in Hawaii, you can’t go with resorts on any island, because Hawaiian island hopping is so affordable and convenient.

So for those looking to do some serious exploring, we’ve planned out a simple, yet efficient guide to Hawaiian island hopping that will maximize your itinerary and minimize your stress levels.

How To Hop

Out of the eight total islands in the state, six are open for travelers. Of the six islands, four of them—Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and Hawaii (the Big Island)—see millions of visitors every year. The other two islands, Lanai and Molokai, are available for travel too, but only see about 50,000-75,000 visitors per year.

The four most trafficked islands are likely this way because they offer transportation to the US Mainland and a select number of international airports. For those looking to venture out to Lanai and Molokai, the only form of transportation is by ferry. Simply make your way over to Maui and head over to the islands for some outdoor fun.

By Air

For those adventurers looking to touch upon and conquer all the islands during their vacation; for those who are looking to spend more than a week in the Aloha State, and for those who want to choose to stay however long they’d like, we recommend taking an airline. Airlines like Island Air, Go!, Hawaiian, or Mokulele offer travel between the four “main islands”, and each flight takes between 20 to 50 minutes. This allows visitors to tour all the islands, enjoy what they have to offer, and come back to their resorts the same day!

By Cruise Ship

For those looking for just a taste of each island; for those interested in a condensed Hawaiian vacation which can be easily undertaken in a week, we recommend boarding on a fun cruise around the islands. Any company from Princess Cruises to the Norwegian Cruise Line to the Carnival Cruise Line can take guests around the islands as a way to hit the islands in a short amount of time.

What To Do and Where To Go For It

Like the islands themselves, Hawaii caters to all different types of personalities and traveler types. Whether you’re looking to conquer the majestic mountains and pristine oceans of Hawaii’s unique ecology or you’re looking to sight-see with your significant other on a romantic journey across the islands, there’s a way to plan out your Hawaii island hopping adventure the right way. We’ve done the research and we’ve found some great activities for your vacation.

The Great Outdoors

The outdoorsy types will probably feel most at home at Kauai or the Big Island. Kauai, especially, caters wonderfully to the active travelers with these interactive activities:

  • Hiking the 11 mile Kalalau Trail
  • Kayaking the Wailua River
  • Hiking the Waimea Canyon
  • Surfing the Hanalei Bay
  • Stand-up Paddling in the Hanalei River

For water based activities, the Big Island is your big solution. Partake in scuba diving and deep sea fishing, and sometimes travelers will even have the opportunity to do some night diving with the manta rays. If you fancy yourself as more of a cyclist, take the ferry over to Molokai and hit a scenic mountain biking trail.

A Week of Romance

Looking to optimize your relaxation levels with your significant other? Hawaii has always been a go-to vacation for a great romantic getaway, with plenty of couples activities available set against the wonderful tropical atmosphere of the islands.

If this is more of your style, we recommend hitting Maui and/or Kauai. At these islands, you can find thrilling activities like zip-lining, whale watching, and helicopter rides to reinvigorate the romance. Or if you’d love nothing more than to soak up some rays and enjoy things honeymoon-style, enjoy one of the great restaurants around the area, or build your own picnic and bring it with you to a sandy beach and watch the sunset.

Most resorts in Hawaii offer romantic couples activities such as spa days and massages to keep you and your loved one relaxed during your break from the real world. Enjoy the tropical paradise with a skilled masseuse and listen to the real calming sounds of the ocean.

Chartered Trips Through History

Hawaii is also rich in history, so for traveler with a bucket list filled with historical landmarks, Hawaii is a great place for you too! For those types of travelers, we recommend bouncing over to the Big Island or Oahu.

Oahu, nicknamed “The Gathering Place”, is ideal for those looking for historic sites and rich history. Visit attractions like the USS Arizona Memorial, the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, and Polynesian Cultural Center. Visit the site of Pearl Harbor and become educated on the history and cultural impact the attack had on the state of Hawaii and even the entire country.

The Big Island features interesting landmarks like the Pu’ukohola Heiau, the site where King Kamehameha began his march across the island. The Pu’uhonua Honaunau National Park features heiau, towering stone structures upon which chiefs and sacred priests would use to communicate with the ancient spirits. The beautiful park is great for leisurely walks and incredibly picturesque!

An honorable mention goes out to Lanai as well for the history buffs. Lanai was once home to the largest pineapple plantation in the world. The land is still ripe for agriculture but is now a little more catering to visitors.

Where To Stay

Convenient travel isn’t a problem when visiting Hawaii, but sometimes having the budget can be. That’s why at SellMyTimeshareNow.com, we help travelers fulfill their Hawaii Island Hopping dreams by finding them a timeshare that they can both love and afford. We’ve helped owners save up to 70% off the developer’s price. Check out all of our resorts in Hawaii or give us a call today at 1-877-815-4227 for more information.

Or consider doing some island hopping on an annual basis. Visit a different resort on a different island each time you visit with a Hawaii timeshare rental.


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