How Much Does a Hawaii Timeshare Cost?
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How Much Does a Hawaii Timeshare Cost?

Hawaii is an incredible destination with dozens of islands to be explored. There are eight large, well-known islands that attract vacationers for a tropical escape with plenty of sun, sand, and surf. It is no surprise that many travel enthusiasts purchase a Hawaii timeshare to visit this delightful destination time and time again with luxury accommodations secured for years to come.

According to Hawaii Business Magazine, the average retail cost of Hawaii timeshare is about $80,000. The magazine article also states that the same week might sell for half as much on the secondary market. The average cost of timeshare in Hawaii is roughly $23,000 when buying on the secondary market. So as you can see, buying a resale unit will result in significant savings.

Hawaii Timeshare Cost by Brand

Hawaii timeshare resorts are owned by numerous top-rated vacation ownership brands including Disney Vacation Club, Wyndham Resorts, Marriott Vacation Club, Westin, and Hilton Grand Vacations. Prices can vary based on the brand, even on the resale market. Other factors that go into the price of a timeshare include:

  • Size of the unit (studio-size all the way up to four-bedroom suites)
  • Flexibility of ownership (points versus weeks)
  • Ownership season (peak season versus lower demand)
  • Usage frequency (annual versus biannual, biennial..etc)
  • Ownership type (deeded versus Right To Use)

Here is a breakdown of what some of the most popular branded resorts can cost.

Marriott Vacation Club

Marriott Hawaii timeshare resorts are found on nearly every main Hawaiian island. With six properties in the area, some of the most popular resorts include:

Disney Vacation Club

There is only one Disney Vacation Club resort in Hawaii, but is an extremely popular one. Most of the Disney resorts reside near the Florida and California parks, but the renowned Disney Aulani Resort is located on the island of Kapolei.

The average Disney Hawaii timeshare cost is $37,000 when shopping our resale inventory.

Wyndham Vacation Club

Wyndham has an impressive selection of upscale resorts in top destinations worldwide, including 14 timeshare properties on the Hawaiian islands. This includes popular resorts:

Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Hilton is a household name, known for its outstanding hospitality and exceptional amenities. The brand boasts nine properties in Hawaii, including:


Westin has luxurious timeshare resorts located across the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The brand has four deluxe properties in Hawaii, including:


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