How to Rent Out DVC Points
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How to Rent Out DVC Points

As a Disney Vacation Club owner, you know what a joy it is to visit your Disney timeshare year after year. However, life happens and you may not be able to travel in a given year. Not to worry! You don’t have to let our points go to waste. We can help you rent your DVC points to make some cash back on your unused vacation!

Rent Your DVC Points

If you’ve decided you can’t visit your Disney resort this year and are wondering “how do I rent my DVC points,” you’ve come to the right place. Renting out your timeshare is simple and it’s a great way to ensure your points don’t go to waste.

DVC is one of the top vacation ownership clubs out there and many Disney enthusiasts are constantly seeking Disney timeshares to rent out for their vacations. Renting out your DVC timeshare on the secondary market is an effective way to get money back on your unused week.

The first thing you need to do before you rent out DVC points is to use your points to reserve a vacation. We recommend booking the trip during a peak travel time, such as a school vacation week. This will make your DVC rental most appealing to those seeking accommodations.

How Should I Price My DVC Points?

After you’ve booked DVC accommodations to rent out, you can contact a reputable resale and rental company to build out a customized advertisement for your timeshare. You can speak with these professionals on how to best price your Disney timeshare for rent, but many owners will price it according to their annual maintenance dues. This way, you are not losing any money and the renter gets a great deal.

The better the deal, the quicker someone will rent your timeshare. If you have extra large accommodations during the most popular week, you may be able to price it higher, but this is ultimately your decision. Additionally, interested renters can make an offer on your Disney timeshare and you can negotiate with them directly and find an agreeable price.

After you’ve made a rental agreement, simply contact the resort you booked at to let them know who will be visiting in your place and enjoy your earnings!

How Long Will It Take to Rent My DVC Points?

There is no simple answer to how long the rental process takes. When you advertise your Disney timeshare rental on a popular online marketplace, you can be sure that it will be seen by a global audience of interested renters. As mentioned above, pricing your timeshare competitively is a big part of getting it rented out efficiently. But ultimately, the popularity of Disney Vacation Club works in your favor to have a successful rental experience.

Rent Your DVC Points with

rent your DVC timeshare with the help of our seasoned specialists. We utilize advanced marketing techniques to ensure your DVC rental is seen by the right people. We’ll work with you to rent out your timeshare out and get cash back in your pocket. Contact us today to get the process started!

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