2019 DVC Point Chart
March 8th 2019

DVC 2019 Point Chart One of the best parts of being an owner in the Disney Vacation Club is the ability to use DVC points to flexibly book vacations at any of the resorts in the Disney resort network. As an owner, you understand that the DVC point prices will change annually, whether it is […]

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DVC Point Charts for 2018
July 27th 2017

For Disney Vacation Club members, DVC points are the cornerstone of any timeshare ownership. Point values determine where and when you can travel within the club, and can change each year. With DVC releasing so many announcements following this month’s D23 Expo, timeshare owners have turned their attention to the DVC point charts to see […]

Here Are the New DVC Point Charts for 2017
September 6th 2016

Like most 21st century vacation clubs, the Disney Vacation Club utilizes a points-based system to better determine the extent of their members’ ownership. The cost of reservations for DVC timeshare owners can differ by resort, unit type, and sometimes even view type, leading to a complex system of point values that can be hard for […]

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