How to Save on Your Cruise Vacations
July 30th 2019 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

How to Find Affordable Cruise Vacations

Cruises are an exceptional way to vacation. Ride around on a luxurious ship with restaurants, activities, swimming pools, and much more—all while getting to explore a number of fantastic destinations in one single trip. Cruise vacations are really amazing, but they can be expensive.

Luckily for you, we found some great tips on how to save on your cruise vacations so that you can make the most out of your hard-earned money.

4 Ways to Save on Cruise Vacations

These tips will help you easily save money on cruise vacations while still being able to enjoy the full experience and luxurious elements of your trip. See how easy it is to save big on these incredible vacations.

1. Book Shore Excursions Outside the Cruise Line

One of the best parts of a cruise vacation is the opportunity to explore many different cities and destinations over the course of one trip. When you go to book your cruise, you will likely be offered many opportunities to reserve excursions at the many cruise stops. While it may be appealing to book everything all at once, this definitely isn’t the most affordable solution.

The one thing you’ll want to be careful of is that when you book through the cruise line, it guarantees the ship won’t leave without you. Whereas an excursion booked on shore could start and end at any time. But with some extra planning, you can save a large chunk of change while still getting to experience some exciting outings.

2. Skip the Beverage Package and Buy at the Ports

Many beverages like water, juice, coffee, and tea are likely included in your full cruise package. For a small upcharge, you can purchase a soda package if that is what you prefer to drink. However, buying an alcoholic beverage package is likely going to be more than it’s worth. Not to mention, you are usually allowed to bring two bottles of wine with you right on-board (verify this with your cruise line prior to boarding). Just be sure to bring a bottle opener to avoid the $25 cork fee!

Additionally, there are many opportunities for cheaper, or even free drinks when you land on the ports. Often times stores will offer a free beverage in hopes to get more sales. Whether or not you buy anything in the store, nothing beats a free drink!

3. In Turn, Eat on the Boat While on Port

Cruise vacations are known for offering an incredible selection of food on-board, meaning you don’t need to worry about finding a tasty dish on the ports. Not to mention, dining is included in your cruise package.

When you are on a cruise, that ship is bringing you into tourist destinations, meaning the price of food is going to cost you more. The ports are relying on a number of tourists coming and going, meaning anywhere within walking distance is going to cost you. But if you have the time to explore and find an authentic, local restaurant, go in for an appetizer and a drink so you can enjoy the local cuisine.

4. Buy a Cruise Timeshare

Did you know that cruise timeshares exist? Popular brands like Disney, Marriott, and El Cid offer opportunities for cruise vacations. These timeshare experiences allow you to take to the waters to explore a number of fantastic destinations. Many are booked utilizing the specified vacation club points. These points can be purchased for thousands less by shopping on the resale market. Not to mention, the timeshare points can allow you to experience a wealth of vacation destinations on both land and sea!


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