Celebrate International Timeshare Appreciation Day
November 1st 2014 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Buyers

Did you know that November 1st is International Timeshare Appreciation Day? To celebrate, we’re exploring some of the top benefits of owning a timeshare. Learn why timeshare owners love their timeshares and find out how ownership can improve your vacation experience!

Vacation in your favorite destination every year.

Among the best timeshare benefits is the ability to vacation in your favorite spot each year. For some owners, this might mean visiting Orlando with the family, and for others it may mean hitting the slopes in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Either way, timeshare owners enjoy a home away from home in the destinations they love.

Save money on your future vacations.

Affordability is just another great perk that comes with being a timeshare owner. A timeshare is perfect for those who need to vacation on a budget, as it allows you to avoid overpriced hotels annually. Owners have an advantage because once they pay for their timeshares, inflation will not affect their ability to vacation. Timeshares also cost a fraction of what a vacation home or condo would cost.

Secure comfortable accommodations for each getaway.

In addition to saving money on future vacations, owners love that their timeshares are more of an investment when it comes to the accommodations and amenities provided. The average timeshare resort offers more spacious, luxurious lodging and a wider selection of amenities and activities, meaning owners get more for their money. Timeshares are typically condo- or villa-style units that make travelers feel more at home than a small hotel room. With the certainty of larger accommodations, owners are also able to travel with larger groups.

Make your annual vacation a guarantee.

One of the benefits of a timeshare that many owners appreciate is that it motivates them to take a vacation each year. Planning and budgeting for a vacation can be stressful, but when you have already paid for and secured accommodations in the place you love, it is easier to fit in that annual getaway. Timeshare owners know their property will be ready and waiting for them to enjoy each year.

Spend quality time with your loved ones.

Between work, school, and the numerous other obligations of everyday life, we tend to run out of time to simply enjoy one another’s company. Regular vacations are perfect for mental breaks and spending quality time with family and friends. With a timeshare, owners ensure annual escapes with their loved ones so they can enjoy their favorite places and activities together.

Exchange for desirable destinations worldwide.

The ability to exchange is one of the greatest benefits of owning a timeshare. Owners who want to guarantee themselves yearly getaways but like to experience new destinations each time often purchase memberships with exchange companies like RCI and Interval International. Additionally, these third-party exchange companies offer other perks, like cruises and entertainment opportunities. Many resort chains also have internal exchange networks, like Marriott and Wyndham, allowing you to trade your timeshare and travel all over the world. Timeshare owners enjoy a nearly limitless list of travel possibilities.

Pass down your timeshare to your family.

Another great aspect of owning a timeshare is that it can be shared with and passed down to family members. An owner whose timeshare no longer fits his or her lifestyle can transfer ownership to a child or any other relative. This means your future generations can continue enjoying wonderful vacations and making amazing memories for years to come.

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