The Manhattan Club Barred From Selling Timeshares as Part of Class-Action Lawsuit
September 10th 2014 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Industry News

Recently, the New York City resort The Manhattan Club has come under investigation by New York lawmakers. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman described the club’s operations as a “bait-and-switch timeshare scheme” which has hurt thousands of owners. Schneiderman has opened a class-action lawsuit against The Manhattan Club on behalf of the owners. The club is now barred from selling timeshares to any new owners as the lawsuit proceeds.

What is The Manhattan Club?

The Manhattan Club is a timeshare resort in New York City. It is a beautiful luxury hotel that provides quality service. However, many owners find that once they have purchased The Manhattan Club timeshare, they are unable to experience that service. The Manhattan Club has sold thousands more timeshare weeks than the hotel is able to provide, and owners find it extremely difficult to reserve the rooms for which they have already paid.

What Happened to The Manhattan Club Owners?

Owners at The Manhattan Club reported that they were unable to use their timeshare weeks. The Manhattan Club promised that owners would have priority in reservations over the public, yet many owners found their reservations were not honored because the rooms were kept open for the public. Additionally, maintenance fees for owners were increased by hundreds of dollars over the span of a few years.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you are an owner at The Manhattan Club, it is uncertain what will happen with your timeshare. The state is investigating the scam, as evidenced by the court order won by the Attorney General, and they are working hard to make sure that The Manhattan Club is brought to justice for its proven unethical business practices. While the future looks good for reparations for your timeshare, nothing can be promised at this moment due to the intricacies and time of the legal system. However, at this time The Manhattan Club legally cannot foreclose on your timeshare.

If you are interested in purchasing a timeshare at The Manhattan Club, you might want to check out other timeshare resorts in New York City. There are dozens of available resorts such as Hilton Club New YorkWest 57th by Hilton Club, and St. Regis Residence Club, New York.

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