Marriott Reveals Financial and Design Plans to Revive Sheraton Hotels
July 5th 2018 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Marriott Reveals Financial and Design Plans to Revive Sheraton Hotels

Big things are happening to the Sheraton hotel brand following the announcement from Marriott International’s team at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment conference in the beginning of June. In addition to explaining its new mid-century modern design, Marriott created an over 4,200 square-foot simulation space to show developers and hotel owners the newest standards for Sheraton locations around the world.

How Marriott Has Assisted the Brand Transition

Sheraton became a subsidiary of the Marriott International brand when they acquired Starwood Hotels in 2016. Since this ownership transition, Sheraton has been a topic of conversation as it often falls in the shadows of other Marriott subsidiaries with vacation focuses. It’s over 80-years of operation makes it one of Marriott’s most valuable brands with hundreds of properties around the globe. As described by industry professionals, Sheraton has lacked consistency from location to location, especially in North America.

Once developed as a high-end business hotel, Sheraton had attempted to create a brand that was suitable for everyone, which can be extremely difficult to pull off in the hospitality industry. Along the way, Sheraton established various properties with a range of standards, including motor inns and motels, which muddied its identity. Marriott has been dedicated to removing properties from the inventory that don’t match their level of quality, which has greatly improved the brand’s reputation in the United States in just the past two years. For those properties that remain in the Sheraton network, 25% of their hotels worldwide have already committed to renovations for both guest rooms and public spaces to mimic the prototyped guest room designs, which have been adjusted according to hotel owners and customer feedback.

More on Sheraton’s New Guest Focuses

Now, Marriott is bringing Sheraton back to its roots with a focus on the business person looking for a comfortable and quality hotel experience. As shown in their simulation space, the new look for Sheraton focuses on an industry favorite: co-working. This begins with areas created for communal productivity with large working spaces, tables designed to encourage guests to “work alone together” with soundproof booths for private work and phone calls, coffee bars, and more. These public spaces are more casual and approachable in feel, but are still great, professional working environments for guests who decide to stay.

Their decision to emphasize full-service public spaces will hopefully draw in more travelers to utilize their facilities for work and potential leisure. There has also been talks of a new membership club model which might encompass the Marriott Rewards/Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty programs in the future.

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