Report: 42% of Americans Aren’t Planning Summer Travel
June 15th 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Industry News

It’s no secret that a great deal of Americans let their paid vacation time go to waste, resulting in millions of missed hours U.S. citizens can spend traveling. However, that well-known fact was taken one step further in a recent study conducted by Skift, where an estimated 42% of Americans have yet to make firm summer travel plans. Additionally, 35% responded that they haven’t made summer vacation plans yet, but may still plan on booking a last-minute deal.

Analyzing the Dismal Summer Travel Numbers

The disappointing travel stats come on the heels of an American economy that’s seen a steady increase in job creation as well as plummeting unemployment. As a result, one might expect summer travel numbers to be up with the addition of more paid time off and guaranteed vacation days for new employees. However, many cite the importance of their job as the primary factor for not taking a vacation.

A meager 23% of respondents to the Skift survey declared they had planned a summer trip, leaving the remainder with inconclusive or nonexistent plans. Another reason for the low numbers might be the season—some vacationers who can only take one trip per year will undoubtedly prefer winter travel, while others might be embarking on several smaller trips to visit family or friends that don’t require much planning.

Similar numbers appeared after a related survey conducted back in 2015. One-third of respondents signaled they weren’t vacationing due to insufficient costs. Additionally, 45% said they had no intentions of taking a vacation day at all that summer.

Solutions for Worried Travelers

Summer travel can be a daunting undertaking. Flights are often at their peak costs, and many destinations see high spikes in hotel rates to cash in on the increase in tourists. For most families, summer is the only opportune time to vacation—the kids are on break from school, and many parents don’t have tough winter conditions to deal with. However, summer can be a busy time for many employees, as well as an expensive one. The modern vacationer seeks travel deals they can afford without having to sacrifice the high-quality accommodations they want.

There are several options for those who both have trouble affording vacation and lack the time to do so. For starters, there’s timeshare ownership. Owning a timeshare enables you to gain guaranteed accommodations every year, without having to worry about inflated hotel rates. Plus, you’ll be able to book luxury suites instead of cramped hotel rooms. What’s more, through timeshare resale, you can save thousands on the same great solutions, saving you more money in the long run.

If you’re uninterested in purchasing a timeshare, you can rent one instead. Renting someone else’s ownership unit can result in great one-time vacation solutions at affordable rates. Many of these rentals come in the form of last-minute deals, appealing to those who haven’t gotten around to planning summer travel yet.

If you’ve yet to think about planning your summer vacation, you can browse timeshare resales and timeshare rentals online with Begin searching a vast network of accommodations across hundreds of destinations and save as much as 70% today!


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