Second is Best: The Second City Travel Trend
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What is the Second City Travel Trend?

As 2019 comes to a close, we are starting to look at the exciting travel trends headed our way in 2020. One that has been talked about quite a bit is the idea of second city travel. The idea of taking a second city vacation is all about straying away from the better-known destinations like state capitals and high-tourism destinations and visiting the cities that are more on the outskirts.

Second city travel is ideal for those looking for a more authentic, less-crowded exploration experience. You’ll feel more like a local, navigating the city among those who live there rather than with mass quantities of tourists.

Here are some of the best second city vacation destinations you can plan on visiting in the new year!

California: San Jose Instead of San Francisco

When you are planning to visit California, there are many popular cities you may consider. Places like San Francisco often come to mind and it is a city known for its popular attractions, restaurants, and shops. However, San Jose is a great second city travel alternative. Located just an hour outside of San Francisco, San Jose boasts:

  • Mission Peak Mountain
  • Happy Hollow Park and Zoo
  • Municipal Rose Garden
  • Alum Rock Park
  • Downtown San Jose featuring vibrant nightlife, Broadway shows, art shows, casual and upscale restaurants, and a park with fountains

Additionally, San Jose is warmer, flatter, and more high-tech than nearby San Francisco. The city even has its own airport that is much easier to access and much less stressful to navigate. The San Francisco 49’s also play much closer to San Jose than to their actual namesake city.

Ireland: Belfast Instead of Dublin

There’s no doubt that Dublin is one of the most iconic cities in Ireland, but don’t sleep on Belfast! This gorgeous destination is located two hours north of Dublin and offers a relaxed, laid-back vibe—much different from the more “hurried” ambiance of Dublin. Belfast is best known for:

  • Titanic Belfast
  • Belfast Castle
  • Belfast Botanical Gardens
  • St. George’s Market
  • St. Anne’s Cathedral
  • Grand Opera House

While in Belfast, it might be worth your time to rent a car because nothing compares to the Antrim, the drive north from Belfast to Giant’s Causeway. When you arrive at your destination, be sure to explore the 40,000 basalt columns which the kids will love climbing and you’ll love admiring.

Illinois: Evanston Instead of Chicago

Who doesn’t immediately think of Chicago when thinking of paying Illinois a visit? Well the second city travel trend highly suggests you take a trip to Evanston instead. Evanston is just thirty minutes north of Chicago, making it easy for you to enjoy the best of both worlds during your trip. While in Evanston, be sure to check out:

  • Gillson Park on the lake
  • Block Museum of Art
  • Lighthouse Beach
  • Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park
  • Shakespeare Garden
  • West Devon Avenue

Evanston, Illinois is actually one of the coolest suburbs in America, and for good reason. It has a very happening bar and restaurant scene, as well as five Lake Michigan beaches, breweries, 77 parks, and numerous shops. You’ll get the full city experience without the excess crowds and chaos.

Louisiana: Baton Rouge Instead of New Orleans

New Orleans is certainly a huge draw for those vacationing in Louisiana, however, the capital of the state actually offers a fantastic second city vacation experience. Baton Rouge is two hours northwest of New Orleans. While there, be sure to visit:

  • Louisiana’s Old State Capitol
  • Teddy’s Juke Joint blues bar
  • BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo
  • Louisiana Art and Science Museum
  • Magnolia Mound Plantation
  • Atchafalaya Basin
  • Hollywood Casino
  • Celebration Station indoor and outdoor amusement park

People often visit Baton Rouge to go to LSU for a football game and don’t often take the time to fully explore what the capital has to offer. Baton Rouge has a rich music history, beautiful scenery, and incredible museums. While not the party scene of New Orleans, Baton Rouge has plenty of delicious food, music, and outdoor adventures to be had for a great getaway.

Book Your Second City Vacation

One of the best parts about second city travel is the concept that you can book accommodations in a major city while spending the majority of your time in the nearby second city. As, you can find a great selection of timeshares for rent in major cities as well as many second cities! Browse today and save on your second city vacation.


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