The Perks of Buying Marriott Vacation Club Points on the Secondary Market
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The Perks of Buying Marriott Vacation Club Points on the Secondary Market

Marriott Vacation Club is undoubtably one of the top vacation ownership brands out there. With an impressive portfolio of resorts in top vacation destinations worldwide and fabulous member benefits, it’s no wonder Marriott is so popular with all sorts of travelers.

Marriott Vacation Club points are the bread and butter of the ownership. They allow owners to make reservations for their vacations as well as exchange and travel to many different destinations.

The points work like currency to book vacations and the more Marriott points you own, the more flexibility you have to book longer or more luxurious vacations with larger accommodations.

If you are considering becoming a Marriott timeshare owner, we highly suggest you consider buying Marriott points resale for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the many benefits of buying Marriott Vacation Club points on the secondary market.

The Price Point

If you’ve followed us for a while, you probably know that we offer timeshares advertised by-owner that are priced upwards of 70% percent off the retail value. This also goes for Marriott timeshare resales, meaning you can buy Marriott Vacation Club points for thousands less.

If you are buying Marriott Vacation Club points resale, you won’t have to pay the excess marketing costs, hefty sales commissions, and other hidden taxes and fees that the resort developers tack on.

Buy as many points as you want based on your budget and enjoy the ability to bank, borrow, and transfer them as needed for complete flexibility in planning your vacations. If you need help determining how many points to buy, don’t hesitate to contact our independent resale experts for advice.

The Convenience

Gone are the days where you need to stay at a resort you may not like, sit through a lengthy and high-pressure timeshare sales pitch, and spend an absurd amount of money to get into vacation ownership.

The resale market has made it easy and convenient for you to purchase Marriott Vacation Club points on your own time, from the comfort of your own home.

We offer a number of great timeshare resources for you to peruse, even specific information on how timeshare points work so you can learn all about ownership before purchasing.

Plus, you can browse all Marriott timeshares for sale and use our helpful filters to narrow down results by price point, destination, unit size, and much more.

The Options

You have a couple of options when you’re looking into buying Marriott Vacation Club points on the secondary market. The first is to buy points at a specific resort, which will become your “home resort.” This means, you can easily book this resort annually (or biennially, or biannually) and you will have a higher reservation power to book than those who own outside of your resort.

You can also purchase through Marriott Vacation Club Destinations, the specific points-based program. Choose a Standard ownership (6,499 points and less), Premier ownership (6,500-12,999 points), or Premier Plus ownership (13,000+ points) depending on your needs and budget.

With Marriott Vacation Club Destinations, you can choose to buy points within different collections including:

  • Marriott Vacation Club Collection
  • World Traveler Collection
  • Marriott Collection
  • Explorer Collection

No matter what sort of travel and vacation experience you seek in your life, buying Marriott Vacation Club points on the secondary market can be catered to YOU. Save yourself time, money, and stress, and see what Marriott points can do for you.


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