How Timeshare Exchange Can Help You Rekindle the Romance
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How Timeshare Exchange Can Help You Rekindle the Romance

As a couple, do you continue with the same traditions every year? Or maybe you’ve both been too busy with work, family, and friends to have time for a romantic date night? By making use of timeshare exchange programs, you can whisk your loved one off to a new location with exciting experiences every year. Take some much needed time off to rekindle your romance— go on new adventures together and create unforgettable memories!

Romantic Sightseeing

Whether your interests are finding historic sites, pristine coastal views, or mountainscape panoramas, you can turn your sightseeing exploration into a romantic day trip. Find beauty while hiking in the Grand Canyon, Aspen mountains, or Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Bring along a light backpack filled with goodies and refreshments for a scenic picnic once you find the perfect place to rest. Tour the Mayan Ruins along Mexico’s picturesque coast, or stroll the charming cobblestone streets of your favorite historic European city. If you prefer a more relaxing getaway, simply take a scenic drive along the shoreline and find a secluded beach to cozy up and watch the sunset.

Enjoy a Couples Massage

Take a break from outdoor excursions and pamper yourselves side by side with a rejuvenating spa experience. Slip into a fluffy white bathrobe and slippers and enjoy treatments of your choosing, ranging anywhere from deep tissue and hot stone massages to aromatherapy and facials. Find your spa experience next to the cozy fireplace within a rustic mountain setting, or under a beachside cabana in the Caribbean. Many timeshare resorts have a day spa right on property, and all-inclusive resorts even provide a touch more luxury.

Dine in Elegance

Find a cozy cafe on the streets of Seattle. Have dinner in a lighthouse along the Massachusetts coast. Dine on tapas in the newest upscale New York City restaurant. Enjoy a private beachfront dinner by candlelight on an island. While you might be content with grabbing a slice of pizza or ordering a burger at the poolside bar, don’t be afraid to treat yourselves on your romantic retreat. Let yourselves enjoy at least one elegant dining experience while on your stay. No matter what elegance means to you, having an intimate, sophisticated meal together to reconnect while devouring delicious food may be exactly what the two of you need to rekindle that spark.

Go on a Nighttime Harbor Cruise

If you’re vacationing on or near the coast, chances are that there is a romantic cruise boat waiting to take you out on the open waters for an unforgettable night of scenery and fun with your loved one. Some nighttime cruises even offer dinner or lunch, live music, dancing, and drinks. Choose between a private cruise or social cruise to enjoy the company of others as well.

Traveling the World Through a Vacation Club

You can experience a thrilling new getaway every year when you invest in a vacation club. From the beginning, you are not tied to a single home resort, and can choose which location you would like to visit within the network each time you vacation. The best part about a vacation club is that you never have to pay any additional exchange fees. Top brands in the timeshare industry have established innovative vacation clubs into their ownership programs, such as:

Top Romantic Destinations

Need some more ideas? There are dozens of destinations that are perfect for rekindling the romance with your partner every year. These are our top picks:

Whether you’re an adventurous couple, relaxed couple, or somewhere in between, a timeshare exchange offers you nearly endless travel possibilities to match your interests for your annual romantic retreat.

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