How Do Timeshare Points Work?
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As the timeshare industry has evolved, major brands have worked towards making timeshare ownership better and more desirable for the current vacationer. The concept of vacationing the same week, at the same resort, every single year worked for some people, but more needed flexibility. Enter: timeshare points.

How Do Timeshare Points Work?

Timeshare points are similar to currency. Based on the frequency of your ownership (annual, biennial, biannual etc.), you get a number of points to use for your vacation. These can be purchased directly from the resort, or you can save thousands buying timeshare points for sale on the secondary market. The more points you have, the more flexibility you have for traveling.

When you shop the resale market, you can browse points-based timeshare units within the vacation club of your choice. You’ll be able to see the number of points that come with the purchase to determine if it’ll suit your travel needs. And you always have the option to purchase more points down the road to add more value to your vacations.

How To Use Timeshare Points

Timeshare points can be purchased at/through a “home resort.” While you are welcome to visit this resort, you are not tied down to it. You can also purchase points through a club with a multi-destination ownership, meaning you won’t have a designated home resort but can travel anywhere in the club’s network. Each brand and vacation club has their own system for how to utilize your points, but generally you make a reservation with your allotted points for the time of year, specific resort, and length of stay.

These reservations are made based on availability and how much your points are worth in your chosen network. For example, a resort in Aruba is likely going to need more points to reserve than a resort in Boyne Falls, Michigan. The greater the demand of the season, destination, or resort, the greater the amount of points you will need to reserve your stay.

Additionally, the longer you want to vacation, the more points you’ll need to make your reservation. Luckily, many brands will allow you to rollover and save points so you can save up for a longer vacation if you desire. On the other end, you can break up your points to enjoy multiple trips in a year!

Vacation Clubs That Utilize Points

Hospitality brands like Marriott, Disney, and Hilton have all adapted points-based ownership systems that allow members to choose when, where, and how long they want to vacation. These and others are considered some of the best vacation clubs to join in 2018 because of their high hospitality and services standards as well as the variety of member benefits offered.

All these brands have extensive networks of resorts that owners can use their timeshare points to reserve a vacation at. From destinations across the United States to the Caribbean, Europe, and beyond—internally exchanging with your points gives you the power to visit them all. Many also allow you to utilize points towards other benefits like rental cars, dining, and entertainment experiences.

It’s important to note that not all points benefits transfer to buyers on the secondary market. However, you usually have the opportunity to upgrade your membership after purchasing. Buying on the resale market will still save you thousands even if you have to pay to upgrade.


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