Timeshare Vs. VRBO [Infographic]
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Comparing Timeshare Vs VRBO Accommodations

There have never been more ways to book and enjoy a vacation—and that includes accommodations. From hotels to bed and breakfasts to motels and everything in between, the options are truly endless. Currently, VRBO (vacation rent by owner) websites are some of the most popular ways travelers have been booking their vacations because of their affordable pricing.

Similar to timeshare rental advertisements , owners of these properties (whether it be full homes, condominiums, apartments, singular rooms, etc.) will advertise their accommodations on websites like VRBO.com, Airbnb, and Homeaway for rent around the world. With so many similarities in the rental process between VRBO listings and timeshare rentals, these two options are often compared and vacationers are left to wonder what the “better” deal is.

So, Is a Timeshare Rental or VRBO the Better Option?

With so much competition across all of these accommodation options, it’s normal for travelers to search for the cheapest deal possible, but the cheapest doesn’t always mean the best! While you might not always need a five-star experience with every feature under the sun, the quality of your stay shouldn’t be compromised because of the price. It is helpful to understand the true pros and cons of both timeshare rentals and VRBO so you can pinpoint what works best for you and your vacations needs.

Timeshare Pros and Cons


  • Resorts are managed professionally
  • Often a plethora of on-site amenities and activities
  • Option to purchase a timeshare if you love the rental
  • Units are well-maintained
  • The benefits are a great value for the money


  • Reservation options are usually limited to a single/specific week
  • Can be more difficult to book prime vacation weeks
  • Less ideal for larger groups of travelers (12+)

Vacation Rental Pros and Cons


  • Variety of accommodation options
  • Flexible travel dates
  • Often easier to house larger parties


  • Quality of accommodations is not guaranteed
  • Limited on-site amenities/services/activities
  • Large inventories make it difficult to weed out the less desirable rentals
  • You won’t always get what you paid for

More Specifics on Timeshare Rentals Vs VRBOs


Infographic comparing timeshares and vacation rental by owner (VRBO) accommodation options


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