Top 10 Best Places to Travel in February for Foodies
February 7th 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Break out the utensils and place your napkins firmly on your laps: it’s Foodie February! This month, we celebrate the adventurous travelers who make it a point to vacation like they’re living in their own Food Network television show. These ten foodie destinations will have your mouth-watering year after year to the point where you can’t help but ask for seconds.

For many travelers, food-related tourism is a big draw, and rightfully so. With so many different cultures and cuisines in the United States alone, there is always a brand new dish just around the corner for foodie travel. And with the airlines offering low season rates coupled with the month’s popular travel occasions such as Valentine’s Day and February Break, February is your month to get out there and start expanding your palette.

We at created this mouth-watering infographic to showcase some of the best places to travel during Foodie February. We’ve broken down ten different locations, showcased what they’re best known for, and highlighted some of the best restaurants to find these delicious delicacies. Check it out below!

10 best places to travel in February for Foodies

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