Top 4 Hacks to Make the Most of Your Points-Based Timeshare
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Top 4 Hacks to Make the Most of Your Points-Based Timeshare

Vacation ownership has evolved over the years to meet the modern traveler’s needs. Originally, timeshares were sold as fixed weeks during the same time period each year. While timeshare weeks are still available, you can now buy a points-based timeshare to enjoy ultimate travel flexibility. Points ownerships allow you to purchase a certain number of points to use like currency to book at your resort or within your vacation club. Timeshare points allow you to vacation when, where, and how long you want, making it an ideal option for families and individuals. If you want to learn how to use timeshare points and get the most out of your ownership, we have some helpful tips and tricks to help you vacation better!

1. Be Flexible to Enjoy Flexibility

While timeshare points offer plenty of great flexibility with your vacations, you’ll be most successful if you plan ahead. To get your desired dates, you’ll likely have to book pretty far in advance, especially for popular destinations and peak travel times. If you aren’t able to commit to a vacation that far in advance, then it will pay off to be flexible with your travel dates. If you reserve your vacation during off-peak seasons or weekdays, your points will go further. It may even make it so you can take more than one vacation in a year!

2. Utilize Internal and External Exchange Opportunities

If you are part of a vacation club, you are easily able to reserve vacations at resorts within your club network. Additionally, you will get first priority for booking as part of a specific vacation club. This makes it easier to plan your trips and visit a variety of exciting destinations.

However, for thousands of additional travel options, be sure to look at the possibility of external exchange. If your home resort is affiliated with RCI or Interval International, you have the opportunity to purchase an annual membership for exchange opportunities worldwide. Deposit your points with either RCI or Interval International and you will have the opportunity to visit top-rated properties in virtually every destination imaginable.

3. Combine Or Split Your Points

Part of the fun and flexibility of timeshare points is the ability to bank, borrow, or even combine points. If you want to save unused points from one year and carry them over to the next, you can bank your points. This would be done if you weren’t able to travel during a certain year, or if you wanted to plan a longer vacation for the following year. If you are interested in taking a longer vacation in one year, or even taking multiple vacations, you can borrow points from the following year to use. Banking and borrowing points will depend on your specific timeshare’s rules, so be sure to learn about all the specific rules by contacting your resort directly.

Combining points is also a possibility! If you have a family member or friend that also has timeshare points, you can oftentimes combine them to enjoy larger accommodations or a longer getaway. Again, be sure that your resort and/or program allow this before you start planning.

4. Take Advantage of Upgrades and Bonuses

Another great benefit to owning a points-based timeshare is having the chance to make your vacation longer and more luxurious. The more points you have, the more flexibility and opportunities you will have. If you have enough points, consider upgrading to a larger or more luxurious unit for a special occasion or a more comfortable stay. You can also upgrade your unit to include more friends and family in your travel experience.

Owning timeshare points can also open the door to more vacation opportunities and discounts on trips. Some timeshare programs offer “bonus time” or discounted stays for owners. Take advantage of these opportunities to extend your vacation or take additional trips without using all your points.

Buy a Points-Based Timeshare

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