What is a Vacation Club Membership?

A vacation club membership is a vacation ownership program that allows its members access a group of vacation properties within a brand's network of resorts to reserve, plan, and take their future vacations.

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Timeshare Vs Vacation Club

As many have noticed in recent years, the terms 'timeshare' and 'vacation club' are often used interchangeably, and that's because vacation clubs are a newer variation of timeshares.

In traditional vacation ownership terms, timeshares are an arrangement between multiple parties that share the deeded ownership or right to use a property (in this case, a specific accommodation option at a resort), in the form of a fixed- or floating week contract where each party can occupy the space during their assigned vacation "time." On the other hand, vacation clubs were originally designed to provide members with access to an inventory of resorts where they can reserve their vacations. Vacation club ownership was not necessarily represented in the form of a physical real estate interest (Home Resort) but in the form of points, membership levels/tiers, and other similar systems.

As vacation clubs became more popular and vacationers were drawn to the appeal of flexible vacationing, traditional timeshare brands began incorporation these concepts into their programs. This transition modernized and changed the timeshare industry forever. Today, timeshares and vacation clubs are just synonyms for vacation ownership.

Travel Club Vs Vacation Club

Travel clubs are membership programs that provide their members access to a number of travel related services including accommodations, airfare, amenities, discounts to car rentals, discounts to nearby attractions, and more. Most often, they come in affordable "packages" with different unique features and benefits that vary depending on the travel club joined. Though travel club memberships can be offered through vacation club programs, they are not the same.

Alone, a vacation club usually only provides owners with spacious timeshare accommodations and sometimes, additional ownership features/amenities. Similar to travel clubs, the included membership perks will be different for each brand. Both types of clubs are a great option for frequent vacationers who want to worry less about planning and more about enjoying their trips.

Which Vacation Club is Best?

Check out these top vacation club network options:

Point-based, fixed-week, and floating week timeshares can be found at these specific vacation club brands, along with many others. You can learn the ins and outs of how their ownership works and explore their many incredible destinations around the world just by becoming a member and utilizing your points/exchanges to visit other properties.

Benefits of Purchasing a Vacation Club Resale

The secondary market is an ideal place to purchase a timeshare for many interested buyers. You can shop from the convenience of your home, submit offers on the vacation clubs you love most, communicate directly with the current owner on a final sale price, and complete the entire transaction without ever having to sit through a stressful sales presentation. Oh—and not to mention, you could save as much as 70% off retail!

It's important to note, however, that vacation club members who purchase on the secondary market might find there are resale restrictions with specific vacation club brands. Be aware of the potential limitations when shopping for vacation club resales and rentals to ensure you can use your flexible membership the way you desire!

Want to Learn More About Vacation Clubs?

Knowing the ins and outs of the timeshare industry and vacation clubs before you buy can be overwhelming, but there are experts available to help talk through these specifics with you! SellMyTimeshareNow.com has a team of independent timeshare resale experts that are available to assist you in anyway possible and answer all of your timeshare related questions. To contact us, please fill out our form or give a call directly at 1-877-815-4227.

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