Top Travel Destinations for 2017: Staff Picks
December 29th 2016 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

The year of 2016 is drawing to a close, and in these final few days, we’re looking forward to a brand new year full of potential. For the travel industry, 2017 means another year of new and exciting destinations to explore, fantastic resorts and boutique hotels to enjoy, and another opportunity to truly take a vacation and reconnect with yourself. This week, we consulted with our staff of vacation experts and travel junkies to collect their picks for the top travel destinations to look forward to next year. To our surprise, there were both some newcomers and familiar faces in this year’s list!

cuba travel

#1. Cuba

The first travel destination on our list is an obvious one, as it continues to open its doors to American travelers. Cuban tourism is slowly starting to take off, with commercial flights from the U.S. just starting to touch down in Havana late in 2016. One of the largest islands in the Caribbean, Cuba presents an opportunity for new travelers to truly explore a world they’ve never seen before. From the oddly poetic antique cars still lining the streets of Havana, to the pristine shores of Varadero, you must make it a point to travel to Cuba in 2017.

orlando timeshare

#2. Orlando

If you read the blog frequently, there’s a good chance you’ve already been to Orlando. One of the most frequented vacation destinations in the world, Orlando has always been a huge draw for families and groups looking to explore Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and other parks. However, 2017 is bringing some changes to the city’s key attractions that you may not want to miss. For starters, Walt Disney World is still rolling out the highly-anticipated Star Wars theme park, with many hoping for an opening date in 2017. Additionally, Universal Studios is rolling out a new water park in summer of next year dubbed Universal’s Volcano Bay.

canada timeshare

#3. Canada

The travel world seems to be all abuzz about Canada as 2017 approaches, and for good reason. Canada is home to a plethora of amazing destinations, from the rocky peaks of British Columbia to the quaint hills of Nova Scotia. Interest in spots like Cape Breton Island has skyrocketed over the past few months, while reliable destinations like Whistler and Banff still draw in people from across the globe. In 2017, visitors will be able to enjoy all of Canada’s national parks free of charge, in observance of the centennial of their independence.

finland travel

#4. Finland

You’ve been to France, Italy, and the UK, so why go back? There are plenty of other spots in Europe that provide a distinct and unique experience, and Finland tops the list. The oft-overlooked Scandinavian country offers more than just snow and reindeer—it’s home to an incredibly unique culture and a blossoming tourism industry. Like Canada, Finland is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2017, and already has events planned from Helsinki to Turku. Don’t miss the unveiling of the 11,000-hectare national park in Hossa, which will introduce you to the solitude of the northern forests only Finland can offer.

portugal timeshare

#5. Portugal

Tourism has been a huge part of the Algarve region for decades, but the rest of Portugal has typically been overlooked. The travel world is setting their sights on Lisbon as a top destination for 2017, and our staff agrees. Without the crowds of London or Paris, Lisbon offers visitors a glimpse into one of the world’s oldest cultures and architecture. Museums of ancient history and medieval forts dot the city’s landscape, and an emerging craft beer scene will provide trendy and unique libations. Further north, the city of Porto offers another world to explore in ultra-affordable Portugal.

indiana timeshare

#6. Indianapolis and Cincinnati

You don’t have to travel far to discover exhilarating and fresh travel experiences! Such is evident in the cities of Indianapolis and Cincinnati, both of which are undergoing stark transformations. Perennially overshadowed by Chicago, these two Midwest cities are developing vacation draws of their own in 2017. Indianapolis is home to a budding culinary scene, with gourmet brunch and fine-dining spots appearing all over the city. Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine district is undergoing a Brooklyn-esque transformation of its own, as a once-shadowy part of town is embracing its unique culture and discovering how to celebrate its beauty with visitors.

malaga timeshare

#7. Malaga, Spain

Positioned favorably on Spain’s Costa del Sol, the Andalusian metropolis of Malaga has transformed over the years into an exciting beach destination packed with art and culture. Home to a dazzling array of art, archaeological, and historical museums, as well as an immense dining and nightlife scene, Malaga is full of things to do and see year-round. Combining an electric beach destination with a quaint and cultured European getaway, you’ll find the best of both worlds on Spain’s southern coast.

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