Is Travel for Business Better than Travel for Fun?
November 1st 2016 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Industry News

Here at, we’re strong proponents of vacation. Hours of research and studies have proven that vacations are good for overall health and stress relief for millions of people, and it’s no secret that timeshare ownership opens up a new world of possibilities to enhance those effects. However, recent data from studying business travel vs. leisure travel may indicate that the former leaves travelers more satisfied overall.

According to new data highlighted in a study by JD Power and Associates, business travelers are more satisfied with their trips than leisure travelers overall, and tend to spend more money in their destination. The business travel statistics included in the study were arranged by analyzing five U.S. travel regions, and included categories such as activities, lodging, food and beverage, and more.

But how can traveling for work be superior to traveling for leisure?

Business Travel vs. Leisure Travel: Measuring Satisfaction

The research by JD Power and Associates asked respondents to indicate their level of satisfaction in seven different categories: Travel/Arrival, Activities, Lodging, Infrastructure, Food and Beverage, and Cost/Fees. The data was charted using point values for both business and leisure travelers, and then compared against each other. Here’s how the data measured out:

  • Travel/Arrival: +19 for Business
  • Activities: +7 for Leisure
  • Lodging: +1 for Leisure
  • Infrastructure: +18 for Business
  • Food & Beverage: +1 for Leisure
  • Cost/Fees: +34 for Business
  • Overall: +11 for Business

We can interpret from the results that business travelers are often much happier with their trips when it comes to arriving, infrastructure, and cost. The advantages that leisure travel has in this breakdown are slim, often coming close to ties in categories like lodging and food and beverage. Cost seems to be the biggest factor, which comes as no surprise as most business travel is paid for by employers or reimbursed after a trip. Overall, respondents indicated that they enjoy traveling for business more than traveling for leisure.

Best Regions for Business Travel

The study was able to uncover data about business travelers’ favorite destinations. The top five are:

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Austin
  3. Orlando
  4. New York City
  5. Columbus, OH

While typical vacation standbys like Las Vegas and Orlando easily make the list, other destinations in the top five beat out traditional vacation destinations in their regions. Austin surprisingly scores higher than Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Palm Springs, while Columbus beats out Chicago. This could be because those who travel for business often go to the same locations, and form bonds with that specific area. This means the traveler is much more aware of what to expect and is able to craft an experience that they’re comfortable with in any given destination.

Timeshares are Perfect for Business Travel

While concluding that a majority of travelers are happier when traveling for work instead of leisure, all travelers require an exceptional lodging solution. For business travelers, timeshare accommodations are often spacious, exclusive, and modern, giving you the lodging solution you want on your trip. With many resorts offering amenities like business and concierge services, a timeshare can be the ideal home base for your remote work assignments, especially if you find yourself in a new area.

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