Unused Vacation Days: Don’t Let it Happen to You!
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States with the Most Unused Vacation Days

If you are a working American, it’s probably no secret that we aren’t using all of our allotted vacation days. Often times, we’ll go long periods of time without taking more than a day or two off…let alone taking a real vacation. Many studies have been done on America and how we have many unused vacation days. But there are some areas of the country that are vacationing even less than the national average.

South Dakota, Missouri, and Iowa are the bottom three for least days traveled in America with percentage of used days for travel being 26%, 29%, and 31% respectively.

45% of South Dakota residents say they are happy with how they spend their time off, well below the national average of 65 percent. In fact, only 20% of employees in the state say they are happy with their health and well-being, compared to the national average of 49%. Stress levels are also higher in South Dakota, again proving how important vacation and traveling can positively impact your day to day life.

While people in Missouri take more time off than the average American—taking off 18 of the 24.4 days offered—generally only 5 of those days are used for actual travel vacations. And only 39% of them say they are happy with their health and well-being. Iowa uses the most travel days of these three states, but still only31%, whereas the US average is 47%.

So Who is Taking Vacations?

Virginia, Colorado, and New Jersey are at the top of the list for vacation taking.

The national average of vacation days used to take is 47 percent. With these top vacationing states:

  • Virginia takes 18.9 vacation days with 64% used for travel
  • Colorado takes 20.3 vacation days on average, with 58% used for travel
  • New Jersey takes 17.5 vacation days with 63% used for travel

Why Take Vacations?

The State of American Vacation 2018 reported that workers who use the majority of their given vacation days for travel are significantly happier than those who travel less or not at all.

And while general happiness can mean a lot of different things, specific statistics say:

  • 20% are happier with personal relationships
  • 56% are happier with their health and well being
  • 28% happier with their companies
  • 24% happier with their job
  • 18% more likely to report receiving a promotion in the last two years

Inside and outside of work, people are happier when they take the time to travel and enjoy a real, true vacation.

Timeshare Vacations = Less Unused Vacation Days

Half the battle against unused vacation days is making the time to travel and go on a vacation. To help you carve out that time, consider buying a timeshare.

Timeshares “force” you to take at least a week of each year to travel somewhere and spend time away from the stresses of everyday life with your loved ones. And as the timeshare industry has evolved, you are no longer stuck traveling to the same resort year after year. Through internal and external exchange, your timeshare vacations can take you all over the world to enjoy new and engaging travel experiences. These experiences will help improve your physical and mental health, as well as help you enjoy higher quality of daily life.

Browse all of our timeshares for sale today for a lifetime of exciting timeshare vacations, and no unused vacation days!

Resource: https://projecttimeoff.com/reports/under-vacationed-america/


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