What is Timeshare Exchange and How Do You Use It?
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What is Timeshare Exchange and How Do You Use It?

So what’s the deal with timeshare exchange? It’s a term commonly thrown around by timeshare owners and those within the industry, but what exactly does it mean—and how does it all work?

One of the best benefits of timeshare ownership is the ability to use a timeshare vacation exchange network. You may be curious as to how timeshare owners are able to travel the world so easily and frequently—enter timeshare exchange.

What Timeshare Exchange Means

The timeshare industry in itself has evolved greatly over the years. In addition to more flexible vacation club ownerships being offered on the market, the existence of timeshare vacation exchange companies makes exploring new vacation destinations as seamless as possible.

With timeshare exchange, people who own timeshares can deposit their weeks or points into a popular exchange network such as RCI or Interval International and trade for a vacation stay at another resort within that network. There are also several lesser-known vacation exchange company options.

Several vacation ownership brands even have their own internal timeshare exchange options, and having a points-based vacation club ownership gives owners a similar flexibility with reserving resort stays within a specific brand network.

However, using exchange networks give owners much greater travel options. RCI has over 4,200 affiliated resorts across 110 countries in their network, while Interval International has over 2,500 affiliated resorts in 80 countries. Memberships with these popular timeshare exchange companies can also be used for cruises, adventurous excursions, travel discounts, rentals, and more.

How Timeshare Exchange Works

Not all, but the vast majority of timeshares are affiliated with either RCI, Interval International, or both. As a timeshare owner, you have the option of purchasing an additional membership to either (or both) of these exchange networks, depending on which network your timeshare is affiliated with.

Once you’ve become a member of your vacation exchange network, you can deposit your ownership week or points and trade for a vacation stay almost anywhere in the world.

The value of the weeks or points you deposit will determine which other resorts/destinations you’re eligible to trade for. The greater the “trading power” of the weeks or points deposited, the greater amount of vacationing options available.

For example, a three-bedroom suite in Vail, Colorado during the winter season will most likely have a higher trading value than a one-bedroom suite during the winter season in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Or a Ritz-Carlton week will have more trading power than a Bluegreen Resorts week. Owners can easily see what they’re able to trade for through the exchange company’s online portal.

Why You Should Consider a Timeshare and Vacation Exchange

Taking advantage of timeshare vacation exchange is one of the greatest assets of buying a timeshare. The stigma of a timeshare holding you down to a single resort during one specific week every year is no longer the case. Vacation ownership has changed and adapted significantly over the years in order to give owners the greatest travel opportunities available worldwide at the greatest bang for their buck. Timeshare exchange is just one of the many benefits available to owners.


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