Why Your Timeshare is the Best Gift for Travelers
December 14th 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Owners

Timeshares are the Best Gift for Travelers that Keep on Giving

When people think of holiday gifts, travel isn’t often at the top of the list. Travel gift ideas can quickly become expensive but for those who have invested in a timeshare, it could be the ideal opportunity to give someone you love the gift of travel. You might be thinking, “That’s crazy!” but is it, really? We can think of a few reasons you might consider gifting your timeshare before the holidays are over:

It’s Something You Already Own

Free timeshare vacations aren’t something people come across every day, but if it’s something you already own, you should utilize it every chance you can. Gifting your timeshare next year to someone in your life who loves to travel is not only an exciting treat for them, but it also costs you close to nothing. When in doubt, consider your timeshare vacation as a gift.

It’s Perfect If You Can’t Use it Yourself

No matter what kind of timeshare you have, there will be years when you will not be able to utilize your own timeshare because of one reason or another. Life gets in the way and that’s okay! Instead of letting your money go to “waste”, it can be an ideal opportunity to give someone in your life the chance to relax and enjoy the amenities you receive.

Someone in Your Life Deserves It

There are few instances in life when we are able to give a gift of this magnitude, and you could be the person who can make someone’s vacation a reality. If there is someone in your life who deserves a gorgeous getaway but cannot afford it otherwise, consider making it their gift for the year! Experiences are often considered more valuable than possessions, and you will contribute to lifelong memories they will cherish forever.

It’s A Lot Easier to do Than You’d Think

From a distance, this might seem like a difficult task, but it’s simple! The easiest way to complete this transaction is by contacting your resort to reserve your vacation and notifying them that the reservation will be used by your family member or friend and you would like to put the reservation in their name. From here, they will likely ask for the names of the guests that will be staying at the resort. There might be a small fee for administrative costs of making the transition but after that, your family members or friends can begin planning their adventure!

Depending on the type of affiliations your timeshare has, your loved ones might be able to explore more than just your home resort! For example, timeshares affiliated with RCI and Interval International offer Guest Certificates, where you can purchase a certificate and provide your family member or friend access to eligible resorts within their networks. An RCI Guest Certificate costs $79 while Interval International’s cost $59 for their standard and Gold Memberships. Platinum receive certificates for free.

Don’t Forget Travel Gift Ideas for Yourself

Everyone should have a beautiful vacation available to them and if you’re interested in learning about the other timeshare resales and rentals SellMyTimeshareNow.com have available, check out our timeshare inventory or call our timeshare specialists today at (877) 815-4227.


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