Why to Consider Buying a Timeshare For Trading Power
September 27th 2018 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Buyers

Buying a Timeshare for Trading Power

There is a lot of thought that goes into buying a timeshare. More than many people assume. Often times, you find yourself vacationing at a resort and get sucked into a timeshare presentation. These high-pressure pitches and promises of rewards and luxury vacations tend to lure people into buying a timeshare before they give it a second thought.

There are really two reasons to purchase a timeshare: to use where you buy or timeshare trading power. Both are valid reasons, but here is why you should consider buying a timeshare for its trading power.

Timeshare Trading Power

Today’s traveler wants flexible, affordable vacations with quality accommodations and amenities in a prime destination. The same goes for today’s timeshare owner. The industry has evolved to meet the needs of what today’s vacationer desires by utilizing points-based ownerships, internal trading opportunities, and generally more travel options. The easiest way to access the many potential benefits of vacation ownership is to buy a timeshare for its trading power, rather than buying at a resort or destination you enjoy.

What Does Timeshare Trading Power Really Mean?

Let’s face it, some timeshare resorts are more desirable than others. In the same note, some vacation weeks are far more popular. For example, buying a timeshare at a ski resort during the warm months may not be something that people will want to trade for. However, a timeshare at a luxury ski resort during peak season or even a holiday week will be very easy to trade for.

Timeshare trading power is all about value. The more value you can offer to an internal or external trading market, the more options you’ll have for booking your dream vacation. Optimizing your timeshare purchase based on trade value will give you thousands of choices a top-rated resorts worldwide.

Resort brands like Marriott Vacation Club and Wyndham offer portfolios of amazing resorts that you can internally exchange into if you own under the brand. The exchange process can be competitive, but usually less competitive than if you’re using an external exchange company like RCI or Interval International. These companies require an annual membership to access their exchange benefits, but each offer thousands of affiliated resort properties that members can vacation at. With so many members and so many resort options, it really helps to have a high trading power to have the best chance at getting the vacation you want.

Are There Any Downsides?

While buying a timeshare for its trading power can seem like the perfect way to vacation, there are always downsides. The most notable is being dependent on exchanges to get a vacation where you want to go. Exchanging requires annual fees and you have to carefully monitor available exchange weeks to ensure you book the one you want on time. Even if you have the highest possible trading power, it doesn’t mean the resort or week you want is always available on any given year.

However, many agree that the rewards of owning a timeshare with a high trading power far outweigh any potential “risks.” When resorts pitch the sale of any timeshare, they’ll tell you you’re going to be able to trade it for a vacation anywhere in the world. This is often times untrue, so be sure to do your research if you want to benefit from timeshare exchange and purchase a timeshare with a leverageable trading power.

Buying a Timeshare For YOU

Of course, maybe the whole point of you and your family buying a timeshare is all about making a tradition of visiting the same resort and destination time and time again. No matter how you look at it, a timeshare can be a very worthy investment on a lifetime of fun getaways with the ones you love.

The best way to make this “investment,” is by saving money on the purchase price. At SellMyTimeshareNow.com we have thousands of timeshares for sale advertised by-owner, at prices thousands below the going retail value. So while you can buy a timeshare straight from the resort, you’ll end up paying hefty sales commissions and other taxes and fees on top of the timeshare’s true value. When buying resale, you can save upwards of 70% off retail while still enjoying the same ownership perks and trading benefits. Not to mention you can shop from the comfort of your own home, weigh your options, and pick a timeshare that best fits your vacationing needs and desires.


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