Your Guide for a St Kitts Family Vacation
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How to Enjoy a St Kitts Family Vacation

Do you ever sit in the office daydreaming about a tropical beachside getaway? Do you think this could never be a reality because your kids would get too bored? Luckily, you can take a St. Kitts vacation that all ages will love!

While these Caribbean destinations all have a wide range of activities, we think a St. Kitts family vacation offers unique excursion options and attractions that will please kids and adults alike. So book that much-needed trip and rest assured that your family will want to return again and again. Here and some of the best family-friendly things to enjoy on your St. Kitts getaway.

Swim and Snorkel

One of the best parts of an island vacation is the access to clear, warm waters. The whole family will love visiting the beaches for a day of swimming and relaxation. Snorkeling is also an incredibly popular St. Kitts vacation activity that everyone can enjoy. Whether you book a snorkeling excursion or just rent some snorkel masks, you can take advantage of an exciting snorkeling experience.

While younger children may not be strong enough swimmers to participate in snorkeling, tweens and teens will love interacting with the tropical marine life and exploring shipwrecks, while the younger ones splash along the shores or search for seashells on the beach.

Ride the Scenic Railway

This historic train is a great activity for your St. Kitts family vacation. Ride along a 30-mile path in double-decker cars that provide a 360-view of all the gorgeous scenery from the top deck. This ride will bring you along the coast, through small villages and farms, and across steel bridges. The three-hour-long ride time is perfect for even your most fidgety kid.

Additionally, you’ll hear stories and songs from St. Kitts history along the journey to make it both a fun and educational experience.

Stroll Through the Botanical Gardens

Visit the historic Fairview Great House to see the stunning botanical gardens and let the kids run around. The 2.5 acres of gardens feature exotic plant species and an apiary. You have the opportunity to learn about bee keeping and harvesting honey if your kids are interested in such things.

You can also pay an extra fee (tickets are $10) to swim in the pool on the house grounds or participate in cooking classes. This is a an affordable way to make a full day out of the attraction.

Visit Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

Visiting National Parks is as enjoyable for kids as it is for adults. On your St. Kitts family vacation you’ll want to be sure to visit Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNSECO World Heritage Site. This fortress was built by African slaves and designed by the British military. It took more than 100 years to complete construction.

What really makes this destination entertaining is the complex maze featuring ramps and stairs that connect the different sections of the fortress. It’s perfect for young kids to run around and explore. There are also exhibits throughout the fortress for adults to take in some of the rich history of the site.

Shop St. Kitts Timeshares

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