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Get lost in the past with a timeshare in Aydin as you explore the many ancient runes, museums, and other fascinating places in this city. SellMyTimeshareNow.com has a team of timeshare specialists to help you save time, stress, and money as you shop for your next vacation getaway!

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Timeshares in Aydin, Turkey

Finding a vacation spot that is the perfect mix of educational and adventurous can feel impossible until you visit an Aydin timeshare. For thousands of years, Aydin has been a desired area to live and has progressed into the ideal vacation destination for many. With dozens of ancient runes to explore, you will have the opportunity to learn about the vast history of the city and how it has developed into the place it is today.

Located in western Turkey, Aydin is just about one hour inland from the Aegean Sea on the Mediterranean. Over the years, it has become a wonderful vacation spot for history lovers and families to visit to learn more about the ancient civilizations that once inhabited the area. It is also loved for its diverse landscape, accessibility to the ocean, and comfortable weather throughout the year.

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  • For those considering a timeshare in Aydin for their future vacations, resales and rentals on the secondary market are an ideal option.
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Top Aydin Resorts

Turkey is filled with wonderful resorts and Aydin is no exception. You will enjoy your time exploring the city throughout the day and taking advantage of the incredible amenities at your home resort before resting well each night.

Things to Do in Aydin

Top 3 Amenities
Ancient Runes

Ancient Runes around Aydin

Aydin is a fascinating place with plenty of history to discover. There are dozens of incredible ancient runes in the surrounding area and some of the most popular tourist sites. A few fan-favorites for vacationers include Alinda Ruins, Nysa Ruins, Tralles Ruins, Temple of Apollo, Aphrodisias, and Miltetus.

Aydin Museums

It’s no surprise that with as many ancient ruins as there are in and around Aydin, there are also museums dedicated to the artifacts found. The Aphrodisias Museum and Aydin Museum are by far the most popular, with smaller specialty museums for more recent historical events and figures, such as the Yoruk Ali Efe Museum.

Dilek Peninsula-Büyük Menderes Delta National Park

If you are looking to take a day trip to experience the magnificent nature of Turkey, this National Park is the place to visit. Between caves like Zeus Mağarası, Mycale Mountain, ancient runes, beaches, and the museums found throughout this park, you will spend the entire day exploring this area.

Kusadasi Castle

This castle stands on the Aegean coast on Pigeon Island and though small, is a favorite place for vacationers to visit during their stay. Many enjoy visiting to view the incredible architecture, remains of artifacts left for visitors to see, and also provides an unbelievable view of Kusadasi, the city in which the castle resides.

Shopping in Aydin

It’s time to splurge on yourself and get in some great shopping during your Aydin vacation. Fortunately, there are plenty of shopping centers to choose from in this city. Stick to Forum Aydin for your favorite brands or try Hacivat Shop and Kusadasi Market for more traditional Turkey marketplaces and items!

Beaches Near Aydin

Within an hour of Aydin, you can find yourself on scenic coastlines, enjoying the most popular beaches in Turkey. Altinkum Beach, Ladies Beach, and Uzun Plaj are loved for their warm waters, soft sand, incredible colors, and water activities. There are plenty to try until you find your favorite spot!

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