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Timeshares in Mumbai, India

Mumbai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, as well as the most populous city in India. As you can imagine, it's an incredibly bustling vacation destination, with a massive amount of attractions. For an exciting vacation where you'll never have to worry about boredom, Mumbai is the place to be, and for a lifetime of exhilarating vacations, a Mumbai timeshare is ideal.

Museums and historical sites provide opportunities to learn about the city's history, art, and more. Participating in festivals, eating authentic cuisine, and even just making your way through the city streets are ways to experience the different cultures of Mumbai. The coast will impress those looking for the ultimate beach vacation, along with nature lovers, who will also enjoy Mumbai's gardens and nature parks. Nightclubs will keep partiers entertained. Mumbai suits a vast menagerie of travelers, who can return again and again with Mumbai timeshares.

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Top Mumbai Resorts

Timeshares at resorts in Mumbai go fast, so be sure to move quickly if you know you want a Mumbai timeshare. Lotus Suites is one of the finest resorts in Mumbai, and an exquisite choice for discerning travelers. The beautifully furnished and decorated rooms will enchant you, and the resort's amenities will offer the comfort and luxury you desire.

Things to Do in Mumbai

Top 3 Amenities

Mumbai Cultural Celebrations

There are many effervescent cultural events for travelers with Mumbai timeshares to enjoy. The most famous may be Holi, a festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil, and in some cases, the love between the gods Radha and Krishna. The festival is celebrated by several activities, and one of the most fun is a celebration where powder in vivid hues is thrown, making everyone and everything colorful. Banganga Festival is a two-day music festival where musicians from all over the country gather to perform. Ganesh Chaturthi celebrates the birth of the Hindu god, Ganesh, with religious rituals, acrobatics, and more.

City Parks and Gardens

Nature lovers and others looking for a change of pace from the speed of city life will enjoy Mumbai's parks and gardens. Quirky Kamala Nehru Park will delight children. The park includes a giant boot-shaped house that they can play in, based on the nursery rhyme about a woman who lived in a shoe. Victoria Gardens is beautifully landscaped and a tranquil place to relax with your Mumbai timeshare. The Horniman Circle Gardens and Hanging Gardens are also popular spots.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

In addition to relaxing little city parks, Mumbai is home to a national park that owners of timeshares in Mumbai will be thrilled to explore. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a must-visit destination for those who wish to see wild animals in their natural habitat, including monkeys, leopards, parrots, and more! The park extends over 104 square kilometers and offers a landscape rich in luscious plant life, lakes, rivers, hills, and valleys. It is also home to 2,400-year-old caves. The park is a treasure one might not expect to find in such a populous city.

Historical Sites

History buffs will adore timeshares in Mumbai for the opportunities to see gorgeous temples, monuments, and other historic landmarks. Babulnath Temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, was built in 1780 and stands an impressive 1,000 feet above sea level. Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji Jain Temple is incredibly ornate and beautiful, and celebrates Jainism, another religion in India. The Buddhist Kala Caves date back to 1st century BC and feature beautiful stone carvings—and these are just a few of the many historical sites.

Dining in Mumbai

Indian food is incredibly spice-enriched and flavorful. To-die-for sauces, ranging from mellow to incredibly spicy, mix with proteins and rice in a plethora of delicious combinations. Dumplings with all manners of fillings explode with flavor. Naan and other scrumptious breads are cooked in tandoors, clay ovens. Common ingredients in a variety of dishes include potatoes, lentils, chilli powder, cumin, curry, coconut, garlic, and much, much more.

Sun and Sand

While you'd be hard-pressed to find secluded beaches in such a populated city, you'll still love the beaches of Mumbai. Madh Island Beach is known for being especially clean and the surrounding mangroves create a stunning ambiance. Chowpatty Beach is known for gorgeous sunsets and close proximity to sublime restaurants. Juhu Beach is a popular film location and you might see celebrities, and you can ride camels there too. Erangal, Aksa, and Gorai tend to be less crowded than other beaches.

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