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Vacationers love the Disney Vacation Club for its easy-to-use points program. Instead of a traditional timeshare ownership—in which the buyer purchases a period of ownership each year at the same resort, in the same unit—Disney sells real estate interests in the form of yearly points, allowing their timeshare owners to plan vacations with more flexibility.

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Using your Disney Vacation Club Points

As one of the most favored and highly-recommended points systems in the timeshare industry, Disney Vacation Club points can be used in a number of different ways.

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Banking and Borrowing DVC Points

As a DVC member, you can “bank" or “borrow" your points between use years. When you bank points, you are rolling extra points over to use next year. When you borrow points, you are taking points to use this year from next year’s allotment. Below are a few quick facts about banking and borrowing:

  • You can bank points into next year’s allotment so long as you do so within the first 8 months of the current use year.
  • You can only borrow points if you are making a reservation that requires more points than you already have.
  • You can bank and borrow points at the same time, but no more than three years of points can be used at one time.
  • Banking and borrowing transactions are final and irreversible.

Transferring DVC Points

One of the best perks of this system is the ability to transfer DVC points. If you buy DVC points on the resale market, you will be receiving a transfer of points from the current owner. See the list below for more details on how transferring works:

  • Like banking and borrowing, all transfer transactions are final.
  • Banked and borrowed points are not eligible for transfer.
  • Both parties involved in a transfer must be up-to-date on their annual DVC fees and can only engage in one transfer per year.
  • Transferred Disney Vacation Club points will be subject to the usage parameters of the transferring party. Use year and home resort restrictions governing the old holder of points will apply to the new holder of points. Similarly, points purchased on the resale market will be restricted, post-transfer, to use in the same manner they were before the transfer.
  • If you are buying on the resale market and the first allotment of DVC points transferred to you is from the original owner's next use year, you may not borrow said-points in the current use year.
  • DVC points bought via resale can only be used at the 14 original DVC resorts and not Disney’s new Riviera Resort or at the new Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge at Walt Disney World (once completed). Resale buyers at these new resorts will be limited to visiting their home resort.

Buying One-Time DVC Points

In addition to borrowing and transferring, Disney offers a third option to obtaining more points. For a small fee, DVC members can buy a few extra one-time DVC points to use on their vacation. However, there are a few caveats to this feature:

  • You can only buy 24 additional DVC points once a year.
  • The purchase of one-time points needs to occur when you’re making a reservation that requires them (also must be within 7 months of the desired check-in date).
  • One-time purchase fees are only $15 per point, but are subject to change.
  • All purchases of one-time points are final and cannot be banked, borrowed, or transferred.
  • If you cancel a reservation made with one-time points, they will expire at the end of your use year.

Other Uses for Disney Timeshare Points

The main use for DVC points is reservations, but members might have other options once they start exploring all DVC has to offer. Learn more about making DVC reservations at your favorite Disney resorts today, or contact a timeshare resale representative by filling out the form above to learn about buying a Disney timeshare resale.

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