Festiva Adventure Club

Festiva's premier vacation club experience—Festiva Adventure Club—is specially designed for travelers who want to maximize their vacation experience. As a points-based club, the Adventure Club gives members more room to make reservations and enjoy accommodations, and also opens up unique vacation experiences that are only found with Festiva Resorts.

With dozens of resorts to choose from, being a part of the Festiva Adventure Club can take you all around the world. The easiest and most cost-efficient way to join is by purchasing a Festiva timeshare resale and acquiring your Adventure Club membership at a later date. This could save you hundreds—perhaps even thousands of dollars on your initial purchase and future trips. If you're ready to explore the world, start browsing Festiva timeshares for sale today.

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Getting Your Festiva Adventure Club Membership

Festiva Resorts allows people to buy Adventure Club memberships directly from them, but why do that if you can find a more affordable way to become a member? Timeshare resale allows you to purchase accommodations at Festiva Resorts for prices up to 70% lower than those offered by Festiva.

After you buy your Festiva timeshare resale, you could have the opportunity to purchase a separate membership, giving you access to the exclusive privileges that come along with being a Festiva Adventure Club member.

Perks of Festiva Resorts Adventure Club

Being a part of the Festiva Adventure Club can be an extremely beneficial experience, and can allow you to explore your vacation potential.

  • Travel any time of year
  • Find units of any size
  • Stay for a full 7 nights, or split up your stays into smaller trips
  • Borrow points from future trips to maximize your vacation potential
  • Exchange through RTX to explore thousands of resorts in worldwide destinations
  • Find discounts on travel and vacation products

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