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As one of the industry's largest international timeshare exchange companies, Interval International makes exchanging timeshares easy.

With Interval International, vacationers can participate in a worldwide timeshare exchange program, allowing members to experience some of the most coveted vacation destinations in the world by trading in their timeshare week with other comparable timeshares found in their database. You will have the chance to explore different areas of the planet without ever breaking the bank and utilizing your existing timeshare investments.

Whether you own fixed weeks, floating weeks, or points, there are a variety of timeshare exchange options available through the II vacation exchange network. Read more about the Interval International exchange process below, or fill out the form to the right side of this page to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable specialists. is an independent resale marketplace where owners can advertise their Interval International® affiliated timeshares for sale and for rent. is not affiliated in any way with Interval International®, its parent company, or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

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Interval International Exchange Rules and Fees

In order to make an exchange through II, you must first be an Interval International member. When purchasing a timeshare directly through a resort developer, a one-year, basic II membership may be included in the price of your purchase. If you purchase a timeshare on the resale market, you will have to buy an Interval International timeshare membership on your own, as this is not included in the sale.

Interval International timeshares do not actually exist, but many owners refer to their ownership as an II timeshare due to their resort's affiliation with Interval and the popularity of the exchange company. In other words, only Interval International-affiliated timeshare resorts exist.

In addition to your annual membership fee, you will also be charged an exchange fee for each week you are able to confirm an exchange. You may also encounter additional fees for special exchanges and certain exchange transactions. Contact Interval International for more information regarding what your specific exchange fee may be.

Interval® Exchange Methods is not affiliated with Interval International, but we are able to provide unbiased information possible regarding the exchange options. There are two main Interval exchange methods for members to choose from: Deposit First and Request First. With Deposit First, you must deposit your vacation time with II before you can request an exchange. With Request First, you have the ability to request an exchange while maintaining your vacation time until a satisfactory exchange is confirmed. Vacation interests may only be deposited with II in increments of one week. If you own floating time accommodations, you will likely be required to secure a specific unit and vacation time period, or to verify your exchange eligibility before you may make a deposit with II.

Deposit First

The standard rules and restrictions associated with the Deposit First exchange method are as follows:

Once you have deposited a week with II, you no longer have rights to the use of that week, and you may not get your week back.
You will not be charged a fee for depositing weeks. Once you confirm an exchange, however, you will owe an exchange fee for each week confirmed.
Standard deposits need to be submitted between 12 months and 60 days prior to the check-in date of the deposited week.
Once a week is deposited with II, you will receive a deposit number, which is necessary in order to place an exchange request.
Exchange requests may be placed when your deposit is made, or any time after you have received a deposit number, up to 24 months after the check-in date of the week you have deposited.

Request First

The standard rules and restrictions associated with the Request First exchange method are as follows:

You maintain the right to use your Home Resort accommodations or points until your requested exchange is confirmed.
Once your exchange has been confirmed, you no longer have the right to use your Home Resort accommodations or points.
Points owners may NOT use the same points for multiple exchange requests at a time.
Exchange requests may be submitted up to 12 months before the check-in date of the week(s) being deposited.
The dates of your requested exchange accommodations must either be in advance of or the same as the dates of the week(s) you are depositing.

Deposit Extension Option

If you are unable to use your deposit within the designated redemption window, you have the option to extend your deposit for up to one year. There is a required fee for this service, and II may choose to limit the number of times a deposit may be extended.

Early Request Program

In order to use the Early Request program, you must own a vacation interest at a participating resort. If you qualify for the program, you may submit an exchange request up to 24 months in advance of the check-in date of the week you are depositing for exchange. Points owners may submit an exchange request using the Request First exchange method.

For additional information on Interval International points ownership, see our Club Interval Gold page.

Early Deposit Program

In order to use the Early Deposit program, you must own a vacation interest at a participating resort. If you qualify for the program, you may deposit your Home Resort accommodations up to 24 months prior to the check-in date of your deposited week. You may then make an exchange request at the same time or anytime after you have deposited your week.

Guest Certificates

As an Interval International member, you may allow friends and family to take advantage of your exchange accommodations. However, if someone other than the original timeshare owner will be staying in the Host Accommodations, a Guest Certificate will need to be obtained. An additional fee is required in order to obtain a Guest Certificate, except for when purchased by an Interval Platinum member.

Contact Interval International for the rules and restrictions associated with Guest Certificates.

Alternative Exchange Options

If you are looking for an alternative to the standard exchange options, Interval International also offers a few special exchange programs.


  • For all exchange requests submitted fewer than 60 days—but no less than 24 hours—in advance of your desired travel dates.

  • A great way to plan your last minute vacation and still make an exchange to one of Interval International's many exciting vacation destinations.

ShortStay Exchanges

  • Available to Interval Gold, Club Interval Gold, and Interval Platinum members.

  • Allows eligible members to exchange with Interval and book resort stays for fewer than seven days.

Week owners looking to take advantage of II's ShortStays are eligible to request up to two ShortStay exchanges, each of which must be of equal or lesser size than the member's deposited accommodations. Points owners may request as many ShortStay exchanges as their points will allow.

Interval Options Programs

  • Provides II members of all levels with the opportunity to participate in an alternative exchange option outside of II's main vacation exchange program.

  • Members may deposit their Home Resort accommodations in return for credit towards a cruise, spa accommodations, a golf vacation, sight-seeing tours and a variety of other II travel services.

Members are required to use the Request First exchange method when reserving vacation accommodations within the Interval Options Program. Requests to exchange must be made 90 days or more before the check-in date of your Home Resort accommodations being exchanged.

Call an II exchange specialist at 1-877-815-4227 to learn more about the benefits of exchanging with Interval International today.

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