Cost of Marriott Vacation Club

It is important to have an accurate understanding of the cost of Marriott Vacation Club ownership, which includes your annual fees and dues. Both weeks and points owners are responsible for specific fees designed to help with maintenance and upkeep of the resort.

Marriott prides itself on its ability to provide modern luxury amenities to its owners. Your maintenance fees and club dues may be used for that new spa or pool, renovations to the resort golf course, or updated appliances. Read on to learn more about what Marriott fees you may be asked to pay.

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Marriott Vacation Club Fees for Weeks Owners

As a Marriott timeshare week owner, you will see different items listed on your annual dues bill each year. While these fees vary for everyone, they usually include an annual maintenance fee. It is also common to see expenses such as property taxes, administrative costs, and future reserve funds listed separately in order to clarify how your Marriott Vacation Club annual dues are distributed.

What's Included in My Annual Marriott Vacation Club Fees?

Your Marriott fees are used to cover the cost of updates, repairs, beautification of the property, and maintenance needs that may occur at your resort within a given year. A portion of your dues are also put into a reserve fund, which is set aside for projected or unexpected future maintenance needs. The property taxes associated with your Marriott timeshare week(s) will be included in the total amount reflected on your annual bill from Marriott.*

*Those who own at a Marriott resort in California will receive a separate tax bill directly from the county.

When Are My Marriott Fees Due?

Most resorts will send the bill for your annual dues between November and December, and payment is due in January of the following year.

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Fees

Those who own Marriott Vacation Club Destinations points are responsible for different annual dues than weeks owners. As a Destinations owner, your total annual dues are a combination of both your annual maintenance fees and annual club dues.

When Should I Expect My Marriott Vacation Club Dues Bill?

You will receive one bill from the Marriott Vacation Club Trust Owner's Association for both annual maintenance fees and annual club dues in November each year. Payment will then be due in December.

Maintenance Fees

Your maintenance fees are based on the number of Destinations points you own, so that the annual cost of maintenance is evenly distributed among all points owners.

Club Dues

Destinations points owners are billed an additional amount each year, known as club dues, which is also based on the number of points you own. Club dues are billed in order to cover the costs associated with the following Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program benefits:

Annual membership with Interval International

Requests to exchange within the Marriott Vacation Club Collection

Reservation fees within the Marriott Vacation Club Collection

Banking, borrowing, and transferring Destinations points

Other Possible Marriott Vacation Club Fees

Depending on where you own your Marriott timeshare, your annual dues bill may include an additional fee, such as in the following cases:

Marriott's Florida Club Owners

Owners of weeks within Marriott's Florida Club will see an additional owner services fee on their statement. This covers the administrative costs associated with the unique privileges afforded to Florida Club owners.

Owners Residing Outside of North America

Some Marriott resorts will charge an additional fee to owners who reside outside of the United States and Canada. This covers the costs of providing services internationally, such as higher postage costs, higher long-distance telephone costs, and translation costs.

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