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Timeshare exchange is considered to be one of the best perks of vacation ownership. With the advent of exchange networks and easy-to-use point systems, owning a timeshare has evolved from a reliable one-destination solution to an endeavor that can take you around the globe year after year.

With more than 7,000 resorts currently in its network, RCI is the largest and most popular timeshare exchange company in the world. See how purchasing an RCI-affiliated timeshare and purchasing a membership to RCI can be your ticket to travel the world.

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How RCI Exchange Works

The RCI timeshare exchange network facilitates thousands of exchanges every year, giving timeshare owners a passport to a variety of worldwide destinations. Those who own timeshares at RCI-affiliated resorts can choose to use their RCI membership to stay at a different resort.

There are two different ways to exchange timeshare accommodations through RCI. The first, RCI Points, involves converting your ownership into points that you can spend on other accommodations. The second, RCI Weeks, requires that you deposit your ownership into the RCI exchange network and choose from other accommodations of similar value.

RCI Points

Quickly emerging as the most popular way to exchange timeshares, RCI Points makes maximizing your timeshare ownership experience easy. This system is preferred by many RCI members due to its greater flexibility and ability to combine points.

With RCI Points, your home week is evaluated by RCI and assigned a points value. This value is determined by the popularity of your resort, type of unit and features, seasonality, RCI member reviews, and more. Once your timeshare is assigned a value, you’ll be able to spend those points on other resorts and vacations within your points range through RCI exchange.

RCI Weeks

RCI Weeks is a traditional timeshare exchange program that many of RCI’s affiliated resorts utilize. It allows owners of timeshare weeks to exchange their week for one at another RCI-affiliated resort. Your membership with RCI Weeks enables you to deposit your home week into the RCI exchange system, and then browse RCI’s inventory for the vacation of your choice in return.

The RCI Weeks program depends largely on Deposit Trading Power, or DTP. This number is based on the details of your timeshare ownership, and can determine what kind of accommodations for which you can exchange. For example, if you own a timeshare in Las Vegas during the most popular vacation season for that area, you may be able to exchange that for a timeshare in another popular destination, such as Orlando or Paris.

Exchanging Your RCI Resale

In most cases, RCI memberships do not transfer through timeshare resale. So if you're looking to buy a timeshare on SellMyTimeshareNow.com and exchange it through RCI, you'll likely have to purchase a separate membership.

However, the thousands you can save through timeshare resale will make purchasing an RCI membership worth it. You can have access to the world's largest exchange network for a fraction of what other vacationers pay, and can explore a different part of the world every year. Learn more about buying RCI timeshares today, or view our RCI timeshare resale inventory to start shopping.

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