Club Membership/Trust Membership

What is a Club Membership/Trust Membership?

With a Club/Trust Membership, members of a resort or vacation club have the privilege of using a resort's facilities year-round; not just during their allocated week. This arrangement often comes with the purchase of timeshare, and is regulated on a space-available basis. This is currently the most popular form or vacation property ownership in the United Kingdom, and is quickly gaining popularity across the globe. Club/Trust Memberships are associated with Right To Use timeshare agreements, which are licensed to owners by trustees whose membership is often (but not always) backed by a deed of ownership.

A Club/Trust Membership is unlike traditional timeshare ownership because the actual property is owned by the resort trustees, and usage is licensed out to individuals who act as owners, but do not hold any actual rights to the property. Because it is a right-to-use arrangement, there is no deed associated with Club/Trust Membership. Many buyers find this arrangement more convenient and flexible than owning deeded timeshare as they are able to choose when, and for long they'd like to vacation each year.

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