Timeshare Resale Vs Developer

The timeshare resale vs developer & why debate is one that's been going on for years and has many skeptical owners and buyers wondering, "Are timeshare resales really worth it?" To put it simply, yes! Timeshare resales are absolutely worth it.

The secondary market has shined light on new ways to shop in this ever-changing industry and could save potential owners thousands of dollars while providing them many, if not all, of the same benefits as those who buy through the developer. It also provides current owners with the comfort and stability of knowing they can negotiate directly with buyers to reach a sales price they are satisfied with.

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Are Timeshare Resales Worth It?

Timeshare resales are a great option for those searching for different types of timeshare ownership and for owners who want to sell their current timeshares. Here are just a few of the benefits and why so many decide to utilize it:

Many Brands Have Minimal Timeshare Resale Limitations

Iconic brands like Wyndham have limited resale restrictions, which means anyone who purchases on the secondary market will have many, if not all, of the same owner benefits as those who purchase through the developer. This can include internal exchange, access to owner lounges, and other perks.

In instances when a timeshare brand might have stricter resale regulations, they are often associated with an external timeshare exchange program like RCI or Interval International (or both). For an affordable yearly membership, owners can join these programs and deposit their week(s) or points to trade with any other comparable timeshare in their database, which will likely still be more reasonably priced than trading internally with a timeshare purchased through the developer.

Owners Remain in Control of their Timeshare

Some owners might fear losing authority over their timeshare when they don't know much about the secondary market, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Marketplaces like SellMyTimeshareNow simply provide owners with a top-ranking platform to reach a niche audience of interested buyers when selling their timeshare. Not only does the owner determine the final asking price and help our specialists create a custom ad, but they can have offers sent directly to their inbox where they can accept or begin negotiations.

Never Sit Through a Sales Presentation

Buyers will find that purchasing through the developer is quite the endeavor. These presentations often start with some type of incentive for the guest, such as discounted rooms, a free weekend trip, and gifts, for just a "few" hours of time. After they wrangle up some attendees into the room, their teams use high-pressure sales tactics and usually extend their presentations past their anticipated time block to get people to sign the dotted line. These pitches can be stressful, uncomfortable, and downright exhausting.

Luckily, those who purchase on the secondary market can complete the entire transaction from their laptop or smart device! They can browse at their leisure, place offers on units that appeal to them, and log off all without ever feeling bullied to purchase anything.

Buyers Benefit From the Discounted Prices

Because timeshare developers have to spend money on their presentation incentives, marketing costs, and sales commissions, the prices of their timeshares are inflated well-past their true market value. Interested buyers on the secondary market will deal solely with the current owner and any closing costs associated with the vacation ownership purchased. On a website like SellMyTimeshareNow.com, there are no hidden fees and resales are advertised for up to as much as 70% off retail, which means you're getting a steal for what could be an otherwise expensive timeshare.

Some Popular Timeshare Brands Are Sold Out Through the Developer

One of the greatest benefits of the secondary market is gaining access to renowned timeshare brands that might not be available otherwise. For example, one of the top timeshare brands that has been sold out through the developers is Disney Vacation Club and their resale restrictions allow for owners to sell their timeshares on the secondary market. This is great news for Disney lovers that want to keep an eye on the resale and rental marketplace for entry into this vacation ownership program on a budget.

Some Owners Will Offer Rent Testing Before Purchasing

Many owners who are interested in selling their timeshares will also advertise their timeshare for rent in the hopes of covering their maintenance fees while they wait for offers. Buyers have a great opportunity to test run different timeshares across different brands and different destinations to find the one that speaks most to their vacationing needs.

This is an ideal way for anyone interested in ownership to visit these places for an affordable vacation, experience what it's like to stay at these resorts as an owner, and decide if they'd like to place an offer on the timeshare when they return back home!

It's a Viable Way to "Exit" a Timeshare Without a Timeshare Exit Company

There's a lot of fear surrounding timeshare exit companies—and that's more than understandable. Many of these exit companies claim to assist owners get out of their timeshare contracts "legally," and instead leave services unfulfilled and steal money from unknowing owners. These scams have made it difficult to know who to trust, but the resale market is always a reliable place to start.

The secondary market is not a timeshare exit program, but instead a smart alternative. One of the easiest ways to no longer own a timeshare is by selling it to someone who will appreciate and utilize it to its fullest potential.

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