What Are Timeshare Weeks?

Timeshare weeks are the most traditional type of vacation ownership and are designated blocks of "time" buyers can purchase at a particular timeshare resort. Owners don't own a specific accommodation unit, but instead the vacationing rights—typically a week—at the resort where they purchased their timeshare.

These weeks exist within the timeshare calendar, which is based on the standard western calendar with 52 weeks available. Check-in days for timeshare weeks can vary depending on the resort with the most popular being Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Over time, the industry has evolved to meet the needs of travelers and include two main types of timeshare weeks: floating weeks and fixed-weeks. Fixed-weeks offer buyers a more definitive vacationing schedule while floating weeks provide some flexibility in an owner's vacation reservations.

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Fixed Vs. Floating Week

When considering a fixed vs. floating week timeshare, you'll need to think about how you like to vacation. Do you like the same week reserved for your vacation each year? Or would you prefer to travel at different times each year during a particular season?