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Fiesta Americana Villas Acapulco Timeshares for Sale

Fiesta Americana Villas Acapulco

Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman 97, Fraccionamiento El Farallin, Acapulco, Outside US, 39690

For most of a century, exotic and historic west-coast Acapulco, the origination of the famed Acapulco Galleons treasure ships, has been a popular resort for tourists taking long holiday weekends and cruises from the United States, the Mexican interior, and countries in South America. Eventually it began competing directly with east coast Cancun as a super-tourist destination in the recent three-decades-long era of affordable air fares as international airlines added flights and infrastructure was put in place to support the increasing air travel. The two beach resorts areas are essentially located on opposite coasts oriented due East and West from the other at essentially the same latitude. The city has had its star-spangled times, prompting none other than Frank Sinatra to give the place a mention in his all-time classic *Come Fly With Me*. Modern Acapulco has a great appeal and is a featured destination for many Pacific cruise ship packages and international air carriers. The vast majority of the tourists are Mexicans, but its balmy subtropical climate and pleasant year-round temperatures draws in many other foreign nationals year-round, providing the volume to support the numerous bars and clubs dotted around the bay. Whether seeking a break from northern climes, winters or heat, or the southern hemisphere's seasonal analogs, the resorts' proximity to the equator on the narrows of the North America continental isthmus gives it an economically important geographic centrality rivaled by only a few resort areas in the world.